SuperCric - Best Strategy Cricket Manager Simulation Game

At the end of September 2020, AnalytIQ Sports Technologies launched India’s first cricket manager strategy game with all of the gameplay powered by the A1-driven simulator game, SuperCric. This sports tech start-up, based in Bangalore, India, have built a cricket simulator tool that is based on real data from cricket matches across the world. This tool allows fantasy gamers to make better choices for their team as well as gives them the chance to practice their skills throughout the year.

A Closer Look at What SuperCric Does

SuperCric, which comes with its own proprietary simulation tool, is the first of its kind and will help the invested cricket fan make better decisions. In a new gameplay genre, fans put their cricket judgment and intelligence to the test against traditional knowledge of different teams.

This is a modern-day cricket game that allows you to put on your captain’s hat and learn how every single choice you make in a game has an impact on the outcome of that match. When you have played this game for a while, you will have a new-found appreciation for just how difficult it can be to captain a team. By testing out your choices and seeing what the possible outcomes will be, you will be able to increase your chances of winning money when playing fantasy games.

We must stress here that SuperCric is not a fantasy game itself – it is a tool that fantasy gamers can make use to improve their success rate since it can predict the winning probability of a team with a 90% accuracy rate. SuperCric is aiming to target every fan that tunes into the Indian Premier League this year, meaning that they are targeting around 600 million people throughout India.

As a fan of cricket, you will always have those moments where you feel that a different decision should have been made. For example, maybe you feel one player should have played instead of another, but you never had a chance to validate your reasoning. Well, you can now thanks to SuperCric. It will give you the opportunity to replicate what happened in the real game, make the changes that you would have made, and then simulate the outcome to see if you were justified to think the way that you did.

It Is Not Only Useful for Fantasy Cricket Leagues

As well as using this cricket simulator to help improve your chances of winning a fantasy league that you are part of, you can also make use of it to improve your chances of winning cricket bets that you are thinking about placing. If there is a match that you want to bet on, you can simulate what you think will happen, and see what outcome SuperCric gives you. If you like what you see, then you can go ahead and place your wager.

However, there is something more important than a cricket simulator when betting on cricket, and that is that you have an account with a quality sportsbook. There are so many great bookies out there that it can be rather tricky at times to find the best one for you. However, when we are looking for the best cricket betting odds, we head on over to as they have a team of experts who dedicate their time to finding the best odds for cricket betting lovers.

The Founders of SuperCric

SuperCrick was founded and created by Suhail Chandhok, an ex-cricketer and Indian Premier League presenter, and the husband-and-wife team of Arvind Sivdas and Dhanya Param, who co-own Kabaddi Adda. This is a digital content platform for popular sport and gets millions of views every month.

Simulation Game Platform SuperCric Raises Angel Funding From Nordanvind  Gaming

According to Chandhok, the world’s gaming ecosystem is on the cusp of great change. He believes that Covid-19 has pushed the gaming market to embrace and explore eSports a lot faster. Due to lockdowns across the world, people have more time on their hands, which is going to lead to a bigger future for the gaming industry. Investors are well aware of this, which is why they are constantly lining up new genres to bring into the market.

SuperCric recently received an undisclosed amount of funding from Pontus Lemberg, a European investor. This will help the game to expand and they hope to have a user base of around 10 million come to the end of the next cricket season.

We should stress here that this game is completely mobile compatible – it really had to be considering the fact that the vast majority of Indians use a smartphone instead of a desktop device to play games and place bets. A game will never succeed in a place like India if it is not mobile compatible. In fact, in today’s technological world, a game will not succeed anywhere if it is not compatible with a variety of mobile devices.

Key Features of This Game

There are a number of key features of this game, and this is what we shall take a look at right now:

Tournaments: In this game mode, you can play as your favorite cricket team and play the whole competition with them. This feature allows you to go through the whole event in a week. Moving forward they will add old data and will allow you to play tournaments with older IPL teams, for example. New tournaments will eventually be added on a Saturday and they will remain active until the following Friday.

Tournament Rewards: Just like with real tournaments, awards will be handed out to the best teams, top wicket-takers, top scorers, most sixes, and so on. This means that you will have to think about your squad for the whole tournament and will have to shuffle your squad if you are not doing too well.

Weekly Leaderboards: Awards will be given out to those who perform the best at the tournaments. As the tournament goes on, you will collect points depending on how well you have done, and then at the end of the event, you might be in line for a nice prize.

MSD Quotient: When you are playing SuperCric, every decision that you make can determine your fate. The developers have created a metric that they have called the MSD quotient (named after one of India’s best captains), and you can use it to get an idea as the risk you are taking with every decision that you make.

Cards: Every player that enters a tournament will be given three cards. These cards can be used to get a pitch report at the start of the match, replace a particular player after the toss, or to increase player aggression when needed. This will help add more fun to the game.

Decision Review Screen: At the end of a game, you will be given in-depth reviews into your match decisions. These are useful as they will help you to make similar or better choices in future matches.

Play by Play Mode: This makes the game more realistic as you will have to make vital decisions when a wicket falls and at the end of each over. You will need to learn to plan ahead as well as manage all your resources wisely.

Artificial Intelligence: The SuperCric simulator was built using a lot of historical data. Matchups such as player weakness/ability against certain bowlers and bowling skills are reflected. The simulator also reflects the current form of players in real life and it will constantly update as more data is fed into the system, ensuring that the game stays realistic.