Resident Evil 8’s Lady Dimitrescu Height Revealed By Devs

Finally, Capcom has revealed the most mysterious of Resident Evil 8’s many secrets – the height of the very charming vampire lady, Lady Dimitrescu. Since she captured the hearts of fans by surprise a few weeks ago, many Resident Evil fanatics have wondered how tall the lady stands.

A player even went an extra mile, trying to compute the height of Lady Dimitrescu based on the height of supposedly 15th Century French doors she easily ducks beneath in the PlayStation 5 exclusive demo, The Maiden. The guess estimate placed the lady at more than 7 feet tall. However, such an educated hunch, while laudable in its attempt, was inaccurate.

Fans have not only taken to computing the lady’s height, however. Though Resident Evil 8 won’t be hitting stores for at least the next three months, it appears Lady Dimitrescu already has a dedicated fan base of some kind.

Her impact on the internet is clearly increasing in size, considering the viral cosplays of the lady that frequently makes rounds, along with fan arts that never fails to impress anyone. The lady’s influence undoubtedly knows no bounds, in spite of her existence only being known for a short time. If there was any doubt of her vampiric nature, this surely casts it aside – as does recent news from the art director of Resident Evil 8.

In a post on the official Twitter account of Resident Evil, which acknowledges the loving fans of Lady Dimitrescu, Capcom left a message written by Resident Evil 8’s art director, Tomonori Takano. The message states the developers’ delight at seeing the craze surrounding the villain, then goes on to unveil the most surprising of details. Lady Dimitrescu stands approximately 9 feet and 6 inches tall, her hat and heels included. Takano’s final message further confirms that the lady and her daughters are all bloodsuckers.

The commotion over Lady DImitrescu and her daughters has been nothing short of remarkable to watch it unfold. In such a short period of time, these absolutely frightening characters, have kindled something in gamers.

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That kindle is notably admirable when considering how the gaming community has responded to the sudden passing of Jeanette Maus, who voiced one of the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. A GoFundMe page began while Maus was still getting cancer treatment, and donations continued to pour in from the Resident Evil gaming community as well as fans of the late actress.

Gamers won’t have to wait much longer to see Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in action. As mentioned above, PlayStation 5 owners can delve into Castle Dimitrescu for now through the console’s exclusive The Maiden demo.

Capcom previously unveiled that another demo is in the works and is set to release on all platforms sometime this spring, but specific details are sparse as of writing.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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