Sacred Fire: A Psychological RPG Where Emotional Manipulation is Key

Not a lot know about Sacred Fire, and we don’t blame you! Way back in 2017, there was a Kickstarter by Poetic Studio which was very successful, gaining over $65,000 from a goal of $50,000. There have been constant updates about the game on the Poetic Studio blog, keeping the fans up-to-date with anything regarding the game.

Although it took more or less three years, Sacred Fire finally has a planned release date which will be this 2021. Not only that, the game finally found a publisher – Iceberg Interactive, which is why the game was included in the Iceberg Ahead event.


More than anything, Sacred Fire is comparable to a visual novel rather than your usual RPG adventure game. As such, it’s understandable that not everyone would appreciate it. Basically, you’ll be following a set of story beats and you’ll have to make decisions that can affect what happens in the game.

Each decision has a percentage chance as to whether or not you will succeed. This all depends on stats such as Fear, Anger, etc. For a quick overview, Sacred Fire is set in Caledonia, which is basically ancient Scotland, way back when the Romans ruled Britain.

What makes the game so interesting is how you play the game, relying on psychological decisions and manipulation. In other words, you have to manipulate not only your enemies but your allies as well in order to succeed.

You also need to have a clear head: controlling your emotions and outsmarting the enemies are the way to victory. It’s a game quite similar to Disco Elysium or The Banner Saga and some of the decisions you have to make will be under a time limit.


Your character is also customizable, and you can choose the statistics such as Agility or Endurance. Of course, just like any good game, the character you play won’t be perfect. They will have “Blocks” that will be like an obstacle in your gameplay, such as anger, trauma, addictions, etc. Your ability to resolve conflicts and form relationships will play a huge part in your success.

As mentioned, Sacred Fire won’t be available until 2021, but you can check out more information about the game on their official website, or add it to your wishlist via Steam.

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