Located on the border of Germany, Salzburg is an inspiring place to visit in Austria. The city is a unique combination of scenic Alpine landscapes and architectural richness. The city is spread far and wide along both banks of the River Salzach. It is known for its magnificent and romantic old town setting. The city ranks among the top 10 tourist destinations of the world!

This blog post would help you line up the plan for a perfect day trip in Salzburg! Listed below are the main attractions of Salzburg city that must be visited in the day time:

Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town)

The old town is quite a busy pedestrian area lined with numerous old merchant homes, wrought iron-shops and inn signs, beautiful old courtyards, numerous boutiques, galleries, cafes, and workshops, all of which present a classical old picture.

Besides, the major attractions of the old town include:

  • The old Town Hall is surrounded by old medieval houses of up to five-story houses.
  • The Old Market where the Court Pharmacy (13th-century ) stands and then, there is the St. Florian’s Fountain (17th-century) with its unique octagonal basin and the spiral grille (1853)in the middle of the market.
  • Judengasse and Chiemseehof are other old town sights that are known for their twisting, narrow lanes and the arcaded courtyard respectively.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Built in 1077, Hohensalzburg Fortress was among Europe’s largest castles of its time. Even in the present day, the Fortress dominates the city of Salzburg and ranks among the main tourist attractions. There are two ways by which you can get up to the fortress, either by riding the funicular (Festungsbahn) or by walking up the steep path that leads to the entrance; however, waking does not only let you save you ticket money but you also get an opportunity to enjoy the pleasant view of Salzburg along the way. The Fortress houses small museums and rooms to tour where there is mesmerizing ancient stuff. Besides, the Fortress provides an awesome view of the city over Salzburg and the countryside.

St. Peter’s Abbey

Founded by the Frankish Missionary Rupert, St. Peter’s Monastery is one of the oldest monastic orders. It is the most beautiful and unique cemetery in the city. It is an impressive testament to the order’s architectural skills.

St. Peter’s Churchyard is one of the highlights of the abbey. The Churchyard is an impressive burial ground surrounded by arcades and family tombs on its three sides. The churchyard is lead into the outer courtyard by a passage. The courtyard has the St. Peter’s Fountain (Pertrusbrunnen).

Nonnberg Abbey is another important landmark of Salzburg! There is also the oldest restaurant in Europe, St. Peter Stifskulinarium.

collegiate church, church, st peter

St. Peter’s Church

Built in 1143, and decorated in Rocco style between 1757 – 1783, St. Peter’s Church is among the ancient and attractive churches of Salzburg. Since it is located within the St. Peter’s Abbey complex, the church is also known as the Abbey Church. The famous Romanesque west doorway lies inside the porch and under the tower of the church.

The Salzburg Residenz and the Residenzgalerie

The western side of Salzburg’s Residenzplatz is dominated by the Residenz dominates. It was where once the city’s powerful Prince Bishop lived. The huge palace is built around three courtyards and has a marble gateway that is fairly large in size. There are lavishly decorated state apartments decorated with a touch of style from the Late Baroque and Early Neoclassical. There are exquisite ceiling and wall paintings, handsome fireplaces, and rich stucco ornaments that enhance the aesthetics of the apartments.

The Residenzgalerie is basically an art gallery that was founded in 1923, it features the artwork of European painters belonging from the era of 16th – 19th century. Most of the paintings featured in the collection are the work of Rubens, Rembrandt, and Brueghel.

Hellbrunn Palace and Fountains

The Hellbrunn Palace is quite a grand palace that depicts the immense wealth and power of former rulers of both the church and the state. The palace is famous for its beautiful flower gardens and magnificent trick fountains.

Reason of Fame!

The famous movie, “The Sound of Music” was shot in Salzburg and there’s this “The Sound of Music Tour”, which takes the tourists sightseeing of the breathtaking locations featured in the movie i.e., Mirabell Garden, Leopoldskron Castle, Hellbrunn Castle, St Gilgen, Nonnberg Abbey, and Wedding Church Mondsee and Lake Wolfgang.

Must Try the Food!

During the trip, you need to spare some time in the mid of the day to have lunch. You must try the authentic Austrian Cuisine and S’Kloane Brauhaus is the place where you can enjoy authentic food and local beer! But, if you are looking for fries and burgers, head out to Burgerista to enjoy the best burgers. Besides, there are many pizza joints that serve organic, fresh, and delicious pizza.

There’s so much to do in Salzburg that a single day seems too little. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, opting for Salzburg tours is a great idea. With everything already planned out, you won’t have to waste any time thinking ‘what next?

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