If you are a fan of Formula racing events and love technology at the same time, you will like this news. Samsung will compete in a Formula 4 racing event organized by viral French YouTuber SQUEEZIE. And guess what? The South Korean tech giant will have its own Galaxy-themed car in the competition. 

Samsung’s part of the race

Earlier this month, the company announced its partnership with GP Explorer. GP Explorer, or Grand Prix Explorer, is a Formula 4 car competition that brings together 22 sensational Internet personalities organized by French YouTuber, SQUEEZIE. The first edition of this race happened last October 2022 at the Circuit Bugatti in Le Mans. 

Now, Samsung has revealed that it will not only be one of the event’s sponsors but also join the competition with its very own Galaxy-themed team and Formula 4 car. 

The Samsung Formula 4 car, as what has been unveiled in photos circulating around, is a black-colored car painted with the Samsung Galaxy logo. 

The upcoming GP Explorer Formula 4 racing event will be the second edition, and it will return to Circuit Bugatti in Le Mans. Le Mans is a city in northwestern France on the Sarthe River, where it converges with the Huisne River. The event will happen this September 9th. 

During its first-ever edition last year, the GP Explorer Formula 4 racing competition featured Alpine, NordVPN, World of Tanks, PUBG Mobile, and the MWII Racing Team (Modern Warfare II), among other participants. 

Keeping the drivers a secret

Perhaps you ask about Samsung’s drivers for the racing event. Well, the identities of the company’s Formula 4 pilots are still kept a secret. But, it has already been revealed that the two pilots will share training and behind-the-scenes clips using Samsung devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip4. 

Media outlets covering the event speculate that Samsung will likely recruit its two pilots from social media if it follows the event’s theme. 

Samsung is helping shelter dogs find adopters

Meanwhile, in other Samsung news, the South Korean multinational has launched a campaign that will help shelter dogs find adopters who will take care of them. Interesting, right? 

The campaign, called the “See Beyond Color” initiative, is currently running in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia in collaboration with local animal shelters. It will happen until this July. 

The “See Beyond Color” campaign uses Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s powerful 200MP camera lens to capture high-resolution images of the dogs, down to the most minute detail of their expressions and appearances. The photos will be shown to potential adopters who will take care of these pets. 

As of press time, over 60 shelter dogs have already been adopted. 

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