Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull: How To Get Them Easily

In Sea of Thieves, obtaining a Ritual Skull is essential for those looking to power up the Fort of the Damned or procure a few doubloons. These new skulls are white with a grotesque facial impression. Since Ritual Skulls aren’t common, finding them can be a big part of the fight.

It won’t be the sea breeze that cools the bones on the Sea of Thieves. There’s a lot of dark magic on the wicked seas these days. Ritual Skulls are a rare category of commodity that was first added to Sea of Thieves as part of the Dark Relics Content Update a few months ago.

Even if the Ritual Skull is rare, don’t let that stop you from hunting for it! They are worth a nice satchel with different kinds of Doubloons, depending on who you give them to (on the off chance that you sell them). In Sea of Thieves, both the Bilge Rats and the Duke of Sea of Thieves put a high value on the Ritual Skull and will lavishly reward you for it. On the other side, you will use them to execute Rituals!


Ritual Skulls are a more remarkable and significant kind of Skull in Forsaken Shores Going To Be Delayed. There are a few different methods for obtaining a Ritual Skull.

Where To Find

To begin the Fort of the Damned, look for a Ritual Skull on the skeleton’s forehead. Ceremonial Skulls can be uncovered in three places:

  • Skull Stash Voyages
  • Gray Chests
  • Skeleton Ships

In Sea of Thieves, Skulls Stash Voyages are the most effective way to procure Ceremonial Skulls. Another style of chest is the Pale Chest. These chests have red hot runes carved into the sides and magma intertwined between the wood, similar to a regular Collector’s Box. Sacks of gold and doubloons, Gold Hoarder relics, Tomes, and even a Ritual Skull can all be found inside an Ashen Chest.

The disadvantage of this technique for obtaining a Ritual Skull is that it is a multi-step procedure with a small chance of success. To acquire an Ashen Box, you must first assassinate an Ashen Guardian skeleton skipper, then follow its directions to an island, reveal the box, and then open it with an Ashen Key. Ashen Key Masters have only lost Colorless Keys. It’s not the most efficient way to obtain a Ritual Skull, but it’s a viable option.


Ritual Skull Uses

Given the effort required to obtain a Ritual Skull, plundering in the Fort of the Damned is unquestionably justified. The right answer is very basic for those who are considering what all the fuss is about with Ceremonial Skulls in Sea of Robbers. A Ceremonial Skull is mainly used for launching the Fort of the Damned or trading for doubloons.

The Fort of the Damned (at L14) looks like a squished-up Skeleton Fort with a lot more loot. Regardless, this loot arrives with a high-stakes test. Once you’ve collected all of the lamp tones, use the Ceremonial Skull to officially launch the fortress attack.

Finding Ceremonial Skulls in Sea of Robbers is a daunting challenge. The skulls can be purchased from a few different locations, or they can be found after purchasing expensive journeys. Depending on where you live, it’s probably a better idea to just buy the tickets.

How To Acquire

Ceremonial Skulls can be collected in a variety of ways in the game. A portion of these reliably guarantees a decline, while others effectively get a chance to compensate for it.

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Explicit encounters guarantee at least one of these rare skulls, but they can also be obtained arbitrarily from chests and vessels. We’ve scoured the depths and discovered the most up-to-date list of ways to get them! To learn how, continue reading below.

Finish Skull Stash Voyages

In Sea of Thieves, the Skull Stash Voyages are guaranteed Ritual Skulls, and they only require players to complete a quest with a single segment. To reveal the skull, look for the X on the guide.

These Voyages can be purchased for 30 Doubloons from the Bilge Rats Black Market in each station by speaking with the NPC Larinna before entering the Tavern. Each month, you can only purchase one Skull Stash Voyage.

Beat A Skeleton Fleet’s Captain

Skeleton Fleets are a kind of world event in Sea of Thieves in which players must battle three waves of dynamically tougher Skeleton Ships. They are rewarded with a Ritual Skull and a variety of fortunes as they defeat the third wave with the Skeleton Captain.

Skeleton Fleets appear at random near the game guide’s focal point, as shown by the bland dark vessel-formed mists in the sky.


Defeat Skeleton Ships

Players can sometimes run over singular when sailing across the ocean. Skeleton Ships that aren’t part of a massive Skeleton Fleet In the Sea of Robbers, these are typical occurrences.

Furthermore, despite the fact that no guarantee can ever be given. You will be rewarded with a Ritual Skull if you attack these boats. Since they’ve been annihilated, there’s always the risk that they’ll lose one. So, if you’re looking for Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves, you’ve come to the right place. Consider destroying as many separate Skeleton Ships as possible.

Beat An Ashen Lord

The Ashen Winds are a different kind of global case. In Sea of Thieves, players must face off against one of four different Ashen Lords. There are incredibly complex boss fights that take place at different levels. A Ceremonial Skull is one of the promised prizes for defeating them.

When cruising, keep an eye out for the Ashen Winds Cloud over an island if you want to participate in these battles. This is a fiery twister that marks the place. Where the Ashen Lords’ carrying tradition takes place. When you get close enough to an island to see a tradition. As a result, the war should begin.


Open Ashen Chests

Ashen Chests are one-of-a-kind compartments that often contain three pieces of good fortune. One of these is still an Ashen Tome, but the other isn’t. Two are selected at random from a number of objects, including a Ceremonial Skull. To open these chests, you’ll also need an Ashen Key.

Crushing reliably drops two Ashen Chests and two Ashen Keys. However, you can also get them from the Captain’s Ship of a Skeleton Fleet. Finishing an Ashen Guardian’s Notes mission, completing a Skeleton Fort world case, or even sinking irregular Skeleton Ships are all examples of various exercises.

Open Collector’s Chests

Collector’s Chests are one of a few separate keeper chests in Sea of Thieves, Ceremonial Skulls. It’s a remote chance that they’re hiding a Ritual Skull inside.

Gatherer’s Chests can be collected from a variety of places, but the most reliable is the Gatherer’s Chest. Riddle Maps and Wayfinder Voyages are nearing completion. You still have the choice of getting them from any post or wreck.

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Guaranteed Ritual Skull Drops

The options above, on the other hand, have a chance to find the skull. In Sea of Thieves, these two options are guaranteed to reward privateers with the coveted Ritual Skulls. The most popular approach is to obtain a Skull Stash Voyage from the Bilge Rats Black Market.

This will provide you with a roadmap that will guarantee a skull. Typically on the island where you purchased it. Crushing the Captain’s Ship during a Skeleton Fleet experience is the next approach. You will market these until you get your hands on them. It’s either that or want to collect the Ghost of Gray marrow.

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