All 13 Skyrim Standing Stones Ranked From Worse To Best

Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series, took great strides in simplifying old-school RPG features into a more open final product. Given how famous the series has been (and how much it has been ported), this was obviously the right decision.

Character formation was one of the most significant developments in Skyrim. The player could choose a birthsign for their character in previous Elder Scrolls games, but in Skyrim, they can choose a Standing Stone blessing instead. The right to choose between the thirteen choices anytime a player wants is an obvious advantage. But why would you do that? Naturally, because of the blessings.

Each Standing Stone (scattered around Skyrim) bestows a one-of-a-kind skill or bonus that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. What blessing, however, is sufficient for which player? Well, it depends on the individual’s playing style. However, some gifts are unquestionably more valuable than others.

Atronach Stone


Choosing the Atronach Stone’s blessing is a two-edged sword. On the one side, it helps the player to withstand half of all spell attacks instead of taking hits, turning them to Magicka. The player’s Magicka, on the other hand, regenerates 50% slower as a result of this blessing.

A minor bonus to the player’s overall Magicka serves to even things out. This blessing is perfect for a spellcaster who expects to be fighting mostly other spellcasters. The Atronach Standing Stone can be found among the hot springs in Eastmarch’s southernmost area. Darkwater Crossing is situated east-by-northeast of the location.

Apprentice Stone


The Apprentice Standing Stone is another double-edged sword since it is the polar opposite of the Atronach Stone. This blessing doubles the player’s Magicka regeneration speed, but it also leaves them twice as vulnerable to all incoming spell attacks.

This blessing is perfect for a spell caster who is confident in their abilities to withstand incoming lightning bolts and fireballs. It could even come in handy if a spellcaster is going up against pirates, raiders, or other non-magic users.

The Apprentice Standing Stone can be found in a marsh north of Fort Snowhawk in the Hjaalmarch region (which itself is West of Morthal).

Tower Stone


Accepting the Tower Stone’s blessing bestows a new regular ability on the player (that is, a unique spell that they can cast only once per day). This ability would instantly open every lock of Expert or lower rank (only Master-level locks would be unaffected).

Thieves and everyone concerned about running out of lockpicks would benefit the most from this blessing. The Tower Standing Stone is situated on a snow-covered cliff halfway between Dawnstar and Winterhold.

Ritual Stone


A player who selects the Ritual Stone’s blessing will be able to revive the dead in no time. A player of this form will reanimate a dead body once per day to fight with them for 200 seconds. The Thrall (as it’s known) will fight and pursue the player’s opponents before time runs out and they fall to the ground.

When facing huge numbers of enemies, this blessing can be especially useful. It should be remembered, however, that using this ability is considered necromancy, and hence is frowned upon by the majority of Skyrim people.

The Ritual Standing Stone is located east of Whiterun, above the Graywinter Watch entrance.

Lord Stone


The Lord Stone is a common option among warriors because it boosts a player’s defense in two ways. Not only does the player’s physical safety improve, but they also gain a 25% Resist Magic bonus.

The Lord Stone is an ideal choice for virtually any playstyle due to its potential to defend a player from both physical and magical attacks. This is particularly true for those who don’t want to waste time looking for rare mystical armor scattered around the game.

The Lord Standing Stone is situated east of Morthal and northeast of the Mehrunes Dagon Temple, up a steep mountain and down a winding path.

Steed Stone


Finding the Steed Stone provides players with a number of beneficial effects. To begin with, players’ total carry weight has been increased by 100 points. Additionally, worn armor will not slow you down and will be totally weightless for as long as you wear it.

This blessing is suitable for almost every form of gameplay. It gives the player unlimited travel speed and encourages them to take much more items back to their base. The Ironback Hideout is situated northwest of Solitude, near the Steed Standing Stone.

Lady Stone


Simply stated, the Lady Stone’s blessing assists players in recovery and recovering quicker. If a player chooses this blessing, they can restore their Health and Stamina 25% quicker.

Though this gift is obviously better suited to a fighter than a spellcaster or thief, there’s no doubt that maximizing one’s Stamina or Health is one of the game’s loftiest player goals. On a tiny island in Lake Illnalta, just north of Falkreath, the Lady Standing Stone can be identified.

Guardian Stones


After completing the tutorial quest, players are given the task of traveling to Riverwood (and, eventually, Whiterun). However, if the player takes a small detour, they can come across the Guardian Stones. These represent the Warrior, Mage, and Thief, and give new players the chance to receive a Standing Stone blessing right away.

The Warrior Stone helps the player to boost all fighting abilities by 20%. One-Handed, Two-Handed, Unarmed, and Block are some of the choices. This blessing is great for those who wish to concentrate on physical fighting.

The Mage Stone accelerates the player’s improvement in all magic abilities by 20%. Alteration, Conjuration, Death, Delusion, and Regeneration are among them. Spellcasters and magic-users will benefit greatly from this blessing.

The Thief Stone allows the player to boost all stealth abilities by 20%. Pickpocketing, Sneaking, Lockpicking, Light Armor, Voice, Alchemy, and Archery are among them. This blessing is great for robbers, killers, and anyone else who needs to be stealthy.

While a player can only have one of these blessings working at a time, anybody looking to develop their whole skill set can visit the Bards College in Solitude. If you complete a set of miscellaneous tasks there, you’ll be awarded a small upgrade to each of your skills.

The Guardian Stones are placed on a rocky outcropping along Riverwood’s roadside.

Shadow Stone


Accepting the Shadow Stone’s blessing allows the player to become invisible for an extended amount of time once a day. If a player doesn’t have access to an invisibility spell or can’t afford a potion with a similar result, this can be particularly helpful.

This blessing, which is well suited to thieves and assassins, will come in handy during both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questlines. The Shadow Standing Stone can be located south of Riften, near Nightingale Hall.

Serpent Stone


The Serpent is the most special constellation in the Elder Scrolls universe, according to legend. The Snake, unlike the others, travels across the night sky in search of any signals. Just the three Guardians have the ability to shield the others from the Serpent’s vengeance.

It is often claimed that anyone born under the Serpent’s sign would have the most extraordinary and legendary lives of all. Others will rise to be the greatest heroes, and others will rise to be the most dreaded villains.

The Serpent’s skill as a Standing Stone can be very lethal in the wrong hands. A player who answers the Serpent’s call wins a once-per-day ranged spell that can paralyze and harm an opponent from afar (this is in contrast to other paralysis spells, which require proximity to the target).

This skill can be used to get the upper hand on an unprepared opponent, to avoid an aggressor and escape a battle, or to briefly disable a ranged intruder as the player deals with more urgent challenges. On an ice island in the Sea of Spirits, the Serpent’s Standing Stone can be found. It’s east of Winterhold College and northeast of Tel Vos’ Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos.

Lover Stone


The Lover’s Comfort influence is one of the strongest aspects of marriage in Skyrim. When a player sleeps in the same bed as their partner, they gain this effect, which helps them to learn all skills 15% faster. But what if you want the sweet bonus but don’t want to jump into a serious relationship with one of Skyrim’s worthy bachelors or bachelorettes?

This is where the Lover Stone enters the picture.

The Lover Stone is widely regarded as the best Standing Stone in the game, as it gives the Lover’s Comfort impact all of the time. It should be remembered, though, that having the Lover Standing Stone’s blessing means that sleeping with your partner would not grant you Lover’s Comfort. The two results are contradictory.

Although the Guardian Stones allow a player to increase approximately 1/3rd of their skills 20% faster, there’s no doubt that raising all skills, even if it’s just 15% faster, is the better alternative. Remember that in Skyrim, a player can only level up if enough of their abilities have improved.

As a result, a player who tries out the Lover Standing Stone will level up (and gain those good, sweet Perks) even more quickly. To the east of Markarth, just north of Kolskeggr Mine, is the Lover Standing Stone.

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