Shadow Lugia, Giovanni Coming Back To Pokemon Go

Beginning November 9th at 12 a.m. local time and lasting until November 14th at 8 p.m. local time, players in Pokemon GO will face some difficult new challenges. The Season of Mischief plot in Pokemon GO continues, like Giovanni, the head of Team GO Rocket, is back with a catch Shadow Lugia by his side.

Trainers are attempting to locate the mystical Pokemon Hoopa in the Season of Mischief plot. The other Team GO Rocket leaders will be employing other shadow Pokemon during the Festival of Lights, in addition to Giovanni leading the charge with Shadow Lugia.

Team GO Rocket grunts will appear more frequently at Pokestops and in balloons to assist players in these battles. After capturing a Shadow Pokemon, players can now use a Charged TM to help the affected Pokemon forget about the Frustration ability. Finally, in addition to the event-themed Pokemon appearing in Field Research Tasks, players will now come across Vullaby and, if they’re lucky, a shiny Vullaby for the first time in Pokemon GO.


It looks that the data mined a few days ago was correct, as Pokemon GO’s big villain is back in full force. Updates like this may seem insignificant in terms of total change, but they go a long way toward keeping a live service game like Pokemon GO looking fresh and keeping the player base engaged. It prevents confrontations from becoming monotonous and helps collectors to fill in any gaps in their rosters with Shadow Pokemon they might have overlooked.

Lugia has always been a fan favorite. It’s fantastic to see a more well-known Pokemon return to the game, especially as a Shadow Pokemon. Players will have more chances than ever to take on Giovanni and obtain their ideal Lugia, thanks to the increased spawn rate of grunts. Plus, having a new storyline to follow keeps people interested and provides them a reason to come back every day.


While the addition of Vullaby is welcome because it adds a new Pokemon to the regular Field Research and another shiny to chase, it does little to solve issues such as Field Research Breakthrough awards. Legendaries such as Lugia and Moltres used to arrive for the purpose of completing the weekly research.

While legendaries and rarer Pokemon are unlikely to appear, they would increase the value of finishing the week-long challenges. More people would play more frequently if they had a better chance of finding a three-star or that elusive perfect IV Pokemon for more popular species. This is the event to attend if you’re a lover of Vullaby or looking for a new legendary Shadow Pokemon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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