Two New Shiny Pokemon Arriving In Pokemon Go

Collecting all of the shiny Pokemon available in Pokemon GO is one of the game’s most difficult tasks, as shining Pokemon encounters are extremely infrequent. Hardcore Pokemon GO players who like tracking down all of the game’s shiny Pokemon will soon have two more to hunt down, as the popular augmented reality mobile game is set to add two more shiny Pokemon to the mix.

According to Pokemon GO Hub, shiny Vullaby will be added to the game at 12:00 a.m. local time on Tuesday, November 9, and will, of course, include the shiny version of its evolved form, Mandibuzz. Vullaby is the November 2021 Pokemon GO Field Research breakthrough prize, meaning players will have a chance to acquire a shiny Vullaby by completing new Field Research activities that include Vullaby as a reward.


If players manage to obtain a shiny Vullaby in Pokemon GO, developing it into a shiny Mandibuzz shouldn’t be too tough. While some Pokemon evolutions in Pokemon GO are more difficult, upgrading Vullaby to Mandibuzz is as simple as collecting 50 Vullaby candy. Suppose dedicated Pokemon GO players accomplish a lot of the Field Research activities with Vullaby as a reward and wander with the Pokemon as their buddy. In that case, that shouldn’t take too long.

The inclusion of shiny Vullaby to Pokemon GO comes alongside a slew of other game-changing updates. The reappearance of Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni coincides with the debut of Shiny Vullaby. Giovanni will be accompanied by Shadow Lugia and will most likely provide a good challenge for Pokemon GO users. Fans should be aware that Team GO Rocket will have a variety of shadow Pokemon at their disposal.


There’s been a lot of intriguing new stuff added to Pokemon GO recently, some of it as part of the current Festival of Lights event. The Hoopa Special Research quest was continued at the Festival of Lights, as well as the introduction of Dedenne.

In the coming months, Pokemon GO fans can expect the Hoopa Special Research to continue, as well as a Christmas-themed event in December, as is customary. Fans of Pokemon GO may look forward to fighting Giovanni and catching shiny Vullaby as they wait for additional information on that front.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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