What’s fantastic about playing “Hogwarts Legacy,” a game inspired by the “Harry Potter” series, is how you can explore the Wizarding World in ways beyond the books and movies. You can meet and interact with new characters like Sebastian Sallow, a student from the Slytherin house. 

Aside from the main adventures and side quests, “Hogwarts Legacy” also paves the way for interactivity with parts of the game that let players decide the fate of a character, such as Sallow. 

Sallow is one of the Companions you can adventure with during your time as a student in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the game. 

Now he is a student from Slytherin — one of the four student houses in Hogwarts where many evil wizards and witches belong — who has an affinity for Dark Arts. What’s interesting about his story is that after his parents passed away, he was raised by his uncle Solomon, whom he despised because Solomon disapproved of Sebastian’s use of Dark Magic. Sebastian killed his uncle with Avada Kedavra, a curse that sends anybody using it to Azkaban, the prison for wizards and witches. 

But since you are interacting with Sebastian, the game allows you to decide the fate of this Slytherin student. Choosing whether to turn him in or not has repercussions as you play the game. Let’s go ahead and explore.

First, What Happens If You Don’t Turn Sebastian In?

Suppose you pity this adorable wizard and hope he won’t experience the sufferings of the other wizards and witches imprisoned in Azkaban, and choose not to turn him in. In that case, he will remain in Hogwarts and, of course, literally get away with murder. Thus, he can be available to teach you the Unforgivable Curses. If he hasn’t yet taught you these curses, you can chat with him so he can teach you those. 

How About What Happens If You Turn Sebastian In?

If you are more of the goody-goody wizard in “Hogwarts Legacy” and believe in what’s morally right, and decide to turn Sallow in, he will be expelled from Hogwarts. Thus, he will no longer be present in quests at the end of the game and won’t be in the epilogue either. Instead, Ominis Gaunt – a fifth-year student and a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, the founder of the house of Slytherin – will take Sallow’s place in the quest line. 

So, Should You Turn Sebastian In Or Not?

It really depends on you! If you are that good wizard-gamer, making the right and honorable choices, then you should turn him in. 

But, if you play as an evil wizard in “Hogwarts Legacy” and want to learn the Unforgivable Curses, you should not turn him on. Once Sallow is turned in and gone in the game, the only way to learn these curses is to start over.

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