For you to gain access to secrets and rewards in “Hogwarts Legacy,” there are times when you need to solve puzzles, not just complete side quests. While some puzzles are easy, others are tough, such as the Depulso Puzzle Rooms (this is probably the most challenging and trickiest puzzle in the game). So, we’re here to guide you. 

Solving The Depulso Puzzle Room 1

Let’s begin with the steps to solve the Depulso Puzzle Room 1. To get to the puzzle, take the Potions Floo and proceed down the stairs, through a door, and just follow the hallway until you see the puzzle wall on your right. To help you further see it, you can use the Revelio charm. Once you find the location, cast the Depulso spell and wait for the room to open for you. 

This first puzzle will require you to pull the block on the right wall beneath the reset orb. Use Depulso again on the two blocks in the middle over to the right wall. Then, you need to climb to the top.

Now for the second puzzle in this first room, push the same block on the right wall to place it underneath the reset cube. Then, move it toward the wall you entered from. Afterward, use the Depulso on it to the left wall, then use Accio to place it forward. 

After doing those, place the high block in the middle so it is underneath the rest cube before pushing it back to the wall where you came from. Then, cast the Accio spell on the block on the same wall toward the block you just moved over there. Now, they are stacked. Use Accio to move the original group of blocks you made forward, then climb on it. It’s really like playing Rubik’s Cube. 

Now for the third and last puzzle in this room, you will have first to reset the room using a basic cast on the reset cube. Then, send the highest block in the middle of the room to the rest cube, then to the very back wall from where you came from. 

Afterward, cast Accio on that block so it is touching the blocks the chest is on. You can then find a block to the right of the column where the reset cube is on. Time to use Accio now on that toward the back wall. Use that same charm again to move it under the first block. 

Then, move the block from the room’s middle to the reset cube to send it to the back wall so it forms a reversed L shape. Move to the opposite wall and cast the Depulso spell on the back by itself to the wall together with two other blocks underneath the second chest. Now push them together before using Accio to bring all three to the opposite wall. 

After doing so, you can then push the blocks to the back wall, then use Accio so they go to the room’s center. Then, place them to the back wall again and toward the center so they are up against the right portion of the column where the chest is on. 

Lastly, cast the Accio spell to transport the blocks toward where you are before sending them to the column’s left side to create a bridge to the original reversed L shape from earlier. Climb on them to grab the last chest. 

It should be easier with this guide. As a little bonus, return to where you came in to grab a chest with a Conjuration on your way out. Now, let’s proceed to the Depulso Puzzle Room 2. 

How To Solve The Depulso Puzzle Room 2

You can find the Depulso Puzzle Room 2 behind a locked door at the back of the History of Magic classroom. But be warned. You first need to have at least learned the first level of Alohomora (the unlocking spell) through the main scenario to get to this point successfully. 

If you are done with this, read on. Find the sphinx to the right, and the puzzle room is in the back left corner to it. Simply cast the Depulso spell on the wall so you can enter the room. 

Now remember – the Depulso Puzzle Room 2 consists of several parts which lead to various chests you can obtain. 

For you to grab the chest, drop toward the main floor and locate the blocks that form a big T shape. Use Accio to these blocks to transport them to the front of the area by the entrance. Then, use the Accio charm once again on the block just right behind you to place it toward the back of the room. 

Then, cast another Accio spell to move the two blocks on the room’s right toward the middle. Use another Accio to then transfer them to the far side of the room, away from the entrance, before you cast the Depulso charm on the single block right there to move it toward the corner. 

Then, you will need to use Depulso once more to push the section of those two blocks you previously worked with into the corner. Now use Accio to place these blocks in the middle of this room, then climb on them to obtain the chest. 

You will see the room changing, and you can start the second puzzle from here. Move the large T block piece to the front of the room using Accio. Then, drop down to see two new blocks next to the T mass before using Accio upon the topmost one so it moves toward the slot against the wall. 

Then, remember to cast the Accio charm again on that cube so you can move it to the other side of the room. Next, proceed to the other block by the T blocks as you use Accio to move it toward the other side of the room, adjoining it with the previous piece you just moved.

This time, you must use Depulso on the same set of blocks to push it toward the corner so the set connects with a single block. If done the right way, you will have an L-shaped set of blocks. 

Then, this time, keep in mind that you will have to cast another Accio charm on the two blocks located on the right side of the room. Then, use Accio again on the same blocks to move them toward the wall at the room’s rear side. Afterward, use a new Depulso spell on these same set of blocks to adjoin them with the L-shaped blocks from a while ago. Use a new Accio to move this set toward the left side wall, then cast another Accio to pull them toward the room’s right side. 

After doing so, you need to go back to the sizeable T-shaped block from earlier. Cast the Accio spell to move them toward the left. Then, cast another Accio on these blocks to move them forward from the L-shaped blocks from earlier. Climb up these blocks to make your way out. 

From here, you will find yourself in a second room with three chests. The first thing you must do is to use Depulso on the three blocks you find stacked on the left. Then, cast Accio on the half-circle set of blocks on the right to transport them to the front. From there, cast another Accio on the three blocks stacked from a while ago, and move them toward the right. Jump up these blocks to grab the first chest. 

Now get back down and cast the Depulso spell on the three blocks to push them toward the rightmost corner. Then, cast the Accio charm to pull out the line of blocks from the left corner, then use another Accio to transport them toward the right. While in that same position, use Depulso on that same line of blocks to move them to the left wall, then cast Accio to pull them toward the front.

You are almost done. Now cast Accio upon the three stacked blocks on the right over to the left corner. Then, use another Accio for the seven blocks there toward the front of the room. Climb up them to grab the second chest. 

Lastly, cast the Depulso charm on those same seven blocks to push them to the left corner of the room. Now, you need to proceed to the right side of the room to use Accio on those same blocks to transport them toward the right. From there, sprint and jump onto the blocks from the middle toward the way out as you locate a chest that has a Conjuration inside.

The Rewards

These Depulso Puzzle Rooms are secret rooms in “Hogwarts Legacy” that let you solve puzzles to earn valuable rewards. 

If you manage to open all the chests you have obtained in each of these Depulso Puzzle Rooms, you will have some Gear items and a few decorative items for the Room of Requirement.

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