Six-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Marketing Plan for your App!


There are 5 million mobile applications out there. Whereas stats have clearly shown that most of the users download approximately 20 apps a month but spends a major proportion of their time with their one favorite app. Like for now, we can say it’s PUBG.

It’d be pointless to tell you all that competition is tough out there. Which is very why we have formed this guide to educate you on how to create a successful marketing plan for mobile applications by using just six simple steps. Let’s continue with it without any further due:

Research about your audience:

Knowing your audience is one thing but researching about them is completely another story. If you’re not Google or Facebook your app is more suitable to a particular niche. Getting to know your audience is the most basic yet most important step in your marketing plan. For example, Spectrum Communications are from the telecommunication industry and know that their services are required by every age group from 10 onwards. Their apps for internet, cable tv, and phone service are essential to a 15-year-old as well as for a 50-year-old. So, they have to form a site which should be friendly to a minor as well as a senior citizen.

Still not getting it? Well, there is an effective way to get started with it. And you don’t need several resources to do it for you. Just follow the following steps:

  • Research the prospects within your niche: Analyze the app landscape by monitoring the competitors. Download the competitor’s app and see what aspect is most liked by people and what is most disliked by them. Analyze which age group is downloading and engaging with your app.
  • Build a persona: Building a persona would be of great help. The best way to know your audience is by creating profiles of an ideal customer. It doesn’t need much but just imagination. Describe the age, gender, profession, and hobbies of this ideal customer. By answering these questions you’ll understand the possible or potential audience better.
  • After finding out your potential audience. Jot down the effective ways you can attract the audience. For example: If Spectrum communications have launched their app they would attract the audience by offering special discounts. Like Spectrum Communications presents special discount over the app etc. If you’re actually looking for their packages then click here to view their deals and offers.

Create a Website:

If you think there are just several websites live over the internet than you’d be shocked to know the exact number to it. There are 1.8 billion websites available over the internet. No matter the number if you have a mobile application then you are supposed to have a website too. You need a smashing dynamic website which drives traffic to your mobile application too. You can start with a simple blog with interesting content which actively drives traffic to the app store. Or can create a newsletter etc.

Focus on App Store Optimization:

With such great competition, it is hard to highlight your app within the app store. Well, it is not impossible at all. As you’re putting efforts in SEO through blogging and stuff you also need to focus on App store optimization.

Here are a few basic steps which can help you get started with App store optimization:

  • Firstly you need to be very creative with your mobile app name.
  • Write a smashing description utilizing the keywords naturally
  • Utilize high-quality visuals for the thumbnail pictures, screenshots, etc.

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Devise a smashing Content Marketing Strategy:

Your app isn’t going to gain downloads on its own. You have to make efforts for it. As Bill Gates said, “content is the king.” One needs to develop a smart content marketing strategy to spread awareness about the app. Effective content will absolutely motivate people to push the download button.

In order to form an effective content marketing strategy, keep two things in mind:

  • A good content marketing strategy never goes on breaks. It requires constant high-quality content and its promotion.
  • Second- high-quality content is necessary.

Utilize the potential of paid ads:

Run paid campaigns to give a push to your organic efforts. Though both the marketing methods are different, both complement each other. The paid campaign shows instant results, whereas organic is a gradual process but provide long-lasting results. There are several types of ads you can run to boost the download of your app.

Keep a thorough track of activities:

Tip: Before putting up ads or anything that’s paid, do test it before spending way too much on it.

Keeping a thorough track of your activities is highly important. It helps you in finding the area of lackings as well as which areas you should be more focused on. You can utilize Google Analytics. It let you analyze the traffic coming in, attributes of the traffic, bounce rate, etc. You can utilize A/B testing with your ads. Run similar ads simultaneously with minor changes and see which brings you better results and why.

Well, developing an app is just half of the job. Whereas the success of the app totally relies on the other half of the job which is “marketing” of the app. This guide simply defines the steps which you need to take in order to form an effective marketing plan for your app. These six steps are the basic pillars of a successful marketing plan.

Author Bio: Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.