Slay The Spire Gets Board Game Edition

Fans of the single-player deckbuilder, Slay the Spire, will be thrilled to know that the game will soon have another way to take up hours upon countless hours of their time. As you may or may not have noticed, roguelike titles have been all the rage these days.

It’s thanks to superb titles such as Supergiant Games’ Hades that more and more gamers have flocked over to this genre, even including the ones who aren’t usually fans of roguelikes. These newer games have successfully shown gamers how lovingly and painstakingly made these titles are, which makes its addictive qualities even more worth it.

That being said, the 2019 sensation Slay the Spire is considered by many to be a quintessential game to play, especially for those who enjoy titles under this genre. It’s a unique combination of two different genres, namely deckbuilding and roguelike, which is why it’s understandable if unfamiliar gamers are hesitant to try it out.

However, just like with Distractionware’s Dicey Dungeons, Slay the Spire was able to seamlessly meld these two genres together to create one of the best and addictive titles out there.


Just like other roguelike titles, Slay the Spire doesn’t really have a deep and immersive storyline to hook you in. It offers a very simple concept, though, which many players might appreciate.

First and foremost, you have to choose a class that you think works well with your play style. Whether you want to play as a stealthy rogue or perhaps a more defensive-type class is completely up to you. As you go about your journey, you will encounter all kinds of bizarre enemies that you have to fight via cards.

You also have to tailor fit your deck to your particular playing style to make the game more convenient and enjoyable for you. You’ll eventually grow familiar with Slay the Spire’s gameplay, Relic options, strategies, the different cards available, and so much more.

Slay the Spire is basically a very simple game by nature, and if you think about it, it would be perfect as a board game. If you agree with this sentiment, then you’ll be happy to know that Contention Games is currently working on just that.


According to its official website, the upcoming Slay the Spire board game allows 1-4 players, and it apparently takes about 45 minutes per player. The fact that Contention Games will be turning Slay the Spire into a cooperative adventure is definitely an interesting concept, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out, especially since the title has always been a single-player experience.

There’s not a lot of information about the board game at the moment, but you can go ahead and sign up on the official website to be notified once it’s launched. There will also be a Kickstarter campaign for it some time in Spring.

Given our knowledge of Slay the Spire and of tabletop board games in general, we speculate that the board game edition will feature complex details that players have to keep track of, such as status effects and potions. Seeing how popular Slay the Spire was (and is!), we don’t doubt that the upcoming board game will also provide solid fun to its players.

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