Sony Is Sending Emails Saying Some PlayStation 5 Preorders Will Arrive December

Fans that went through the struggle of getting a PlayStation preorder might not be actually getting the next-gen console on the launch date as Sony is sending out emails about the second batch of console shipments that might only arrive in December. After months and months of waiting, Sony finally announced the launch date and price of the PlayStation 5 during the recently concluded live streaming event.

Sony launched PlayStation 5 preorders in a questionable state and the situation involving these orders are quickly getting out of hand. PlayStation 5 preorders began showing up at random times on various stores which were taken advantage of by scalpers to get preorders and sell them at insane prices.


The preorder chaos was so badly planned that Sony was forced to issue an apology while promising that more consoles are on their way and that new orders will be taken before the year ends. However, it seems like Sony’s preorder problems are just starting.

Based on a report by MP1st, Sony is currently sending out emails to various players attached with details regarding two different shipments of PlayStation 5 preorders. Fans whose preorders are part of the first shipment can expect to receive their consoles in mid-November which is just in time for release day while preorders placed on the second shipment will only be arriving in December.

It was rumored earlier this year that Sony and Microsoft might delay the release of their respective next-gen consoles as a result of production issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Sony seems like it has benefited from pushing its launch date to stop all this madness surrounding the console’s preorders.

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The Xbox Series X/S preorders were also problematic but there is no sign so far that Microsoft is encountering issues regarding their console’s shipment for release day. It is safe to say that Sony might have been forced to make a move by the impromptu announcement of the Xbox Series X/S and was compelled to ship its consoles earlier than planned to ensure that they are not left behind in the competition despite the COVID-19 pandemic significantly slowing down production and logistics across the world.

The good thing about the PlayStation 5 is that Sony already confirmed that 99 percent of PlayStation 4 games can be played on the next-gen console. In a recent interview, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the company tested most of the PlayStation titles for backward compatibility on the PlayStation 5 and that 99 percent of them played on the next-gen console without any problems. There were no comments given about the one percent that was not supported or what they were missing that the other 99 percent has.

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While the unavoidable chaotic launch of the PlayStation 5 is not a good sign for Sony, it is more acceptable given the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic. Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles are launching under uncertain conditions from the production standpoint and fans should learn to accept if more delays and issues arise in the months to come.

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