Splatoon 3 Will Not Have Gender Options During Character Creation

After Splatoon 3 was announced, fans were quick to discuss and dig into the upcoming title’s character customization. After all, customizing the player character is one of the best parts of any video game. However, it appears that Nintendo has made a very cool change to the franchise’s character creation—unlike the previous entries, Splatoon 3 will throw gender options out the window.

While the developer has yet to reveal the full details of this change, the game’s announcement trailer briefly goes over character customization, and options are no longer restricted between boy and girl.

Splatoon 3 was revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct, which players have been looking forward to. The last installment in the series, Splatoon 2, was initially released back in 2017, so fans of the franchise have been starved of Splatoon content for quite a while now. The game’s announcement trailer was definitely interesting—it gave fans a preview of what they can expect to find as soon as they start the game, which is the character customization screen.


After successfully customizing a character, the created squid kid proceeds to ride a train through what appears to be a deserted location, arriving soon after in a busy megalopolis. Following this introductory footage, the trailer quickly showcases new and improved gameplay footage.

Fans were quick to notice that during character creation, Splatoon 3’s trailer didn’t have gendered options. In the previous games, players were given the option to choose between boy and girl octolings or boy and girl inklings. This option was noticeably absent in Splatoon 3, however.

In the first menu, the game simply asks fans to choose whether they want to play as an octoling or an inkling. Then, players proceed to choosing their character’s skin tone, eye color, and hairstyles. Asides from having a wider array of options to choose from, these categories aren’t separated by gendered language as well. The same thing goes for the legwear choices, as players can now choose to mix and match the different options available with no restrictions.

As mentioned, Splatoon 2 required players to choose between the two binary genders—but restrictions extended past that. Hairstyles and legwear were separated by gender as well, with skirts being available for female inklings and octolings only.

With Splatoon 3, it appears that Nintendo is following the footsteps of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which also dropped gender options and restrictions. Released only last year, the Nintendo Switch exclusive life simulation game only asked players to choose their character’s skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, and so on. What’s more, players could let their character wear whatever they want without any restrictions.

Fans were definitely happy with Animal Crossing: New Horizons for this. In the same way, Splatoon fans are thrilled that the upcoming ink-slinging title will be more inclusive than ever before. That being said, there’s one more concern left regarding Splatoon 3’s customization that players are wondering about. Namely, how will the game handle or change the character’s voice tones?

In the previous titles, each inkling and octoling had very distinct and gendered voice tones. But seeing as Splatoon 3 has made an effort to remove gender-based restrictions, perhaps the game will give players the option to slide through different voice pitches and decide for themselves what kind of voice tone they want—something like a simplified version of what The Sims 4 offered.

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