S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 In-Engine Gameplay Trailer Revealed

GSC Game World has recently dropped an official in-engine gameplay teaser for its upcoming open-world title STALKER 2, which was supposed to showcase “how the game actually feels.” Although the game was initially revealed back in 2018, updates regarding its development were scarce and didn’t resurface until this year.

The first-person shooter was once again buzzed about by the gaming community when STALKER 2’s developer revealed more information about it during the Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase in the summer. It was also revealed then that the title would launch exclusively on the Xbox in 2021.

The initial open-world FPS from 2007, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, took inspiration from the sci-fi film Stalker from 1979. Although it’s probably worth mentioning that the film was loosely based on a novel entitled Roadside Picnic. 

It’s been over a decade since the release of the original game, and GSC Game World’s first-person title garnered a cult following simply because fans liked its gameplay design as well as its desolate setting.


Despite the fact that fans barely know anything about STALKER 2, the few details that we do know indicate that the upcoming game will follow the footsteps of its predecessor in that it will most likely still incorporate the same elements that fans loved so much about the first game.

Now, developer GSC Game World has given the excited fans a sneak peek at STALKER 2’s in-engine gameplay footage. The new teaser trailer is only less than a minute long, but it was able to give the fans a glimpse of the game’s different environments and the dangers that pose in it.

According to a statement GSC Game World made to IGN, it wanted the teaser trailer to show “how the game actually feels: fast-paced change of scenery, ominous landscapes and the ever-present feeling of an inevitable danger.” Suffice to say that the team was definitely able to convey that.

The developer has yet to reveal proper gameplay footage to give interested fans an idea of how STALKER 2 will play. For now, though, this in-engine gameplay footage was able to provide a sufficient enough preview of what the developer wants STALKER 2 to be.


Besides, it’s cool to see the way GSC Game World was able to utilize the Unreal Engine on the game’s environment, weather effects, lighting, and more. Now, it’s a matter of patience because we still don’t know when the developer will showcase more of the upcoming game to its fans.

Since GSC Game World gave STALKER 2 an ambiguous 2021 release window, new information about the game could be released at any time within that time frame, just like the way it surprised us all when it released the teaser trailer.

Once STALKER 2 finally gets launched though, it will be the first time that console users will be able to experience the franchise and its immersive, post-apocalyptic environment. Although, it’s worth mentioning that players who use the PlayStation and Xbox were given access to a different series that contains similar if not the same DNA as the STALKER franchise.

More specifically, the Metro series was developed by 4A Games, which is a studio that has founding members who were a part of STALKER’s development before the first game was launched.

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