ConcernedApe Announces Stardew Valley Board Game

It seems that 2021 is starting off strong for Stardew Valley and its fans. If you’ve ever wanted to play the farming simulator with your friends who aren’t really gamers, or if you’re simply fans of tabletop board games, then you’ll be thrilled by this new announcement. Developer ConcernedApe has just revealed that Stardew Valley has a board game—and it’s already available for purchase today.

It’s understandable that there may be those wary fans who are concerned about how faithful the tabletop game will be to the original video game. However, these fans can rest easy knowing that ConcernedApe or Eric Barone himself is the board game’s publisher “from start to finish.”

On the other hand, the board game was designed by Cole Medeiros, and he was able to make it as charming as the video game’s art style. According to the developer, the tabletop version of Stardew Valley has nearly every aspect of the original video game—whether it be fishing, farming, mining, and even making friends with the villagers.

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In the blog post, the developer states that he wanted to create a board game that “we think is really fun to play and to look at.” We think that the board game looks visually appealing, and it’s clear to see that a lot of time and effort has been made just to ensure that it looks and plays as close to the video game as possible.

Now, you may be wondering, “how can a board game play as a farming simulator?” This has been a common question since Barone made the announcement. While players of the original video game prioritized making as much profit as possible, the board game’s goal will focus on something else. Specifically, players will work together to try and save the beloved valley from the big, bad Joja Corporation.

Together, players of Stardew Valley: The Board Game will make an effort to complete Grandpa’s Goals together along with the Community Center Bundles. You will find that Barone ensured that these goals remained faithful to the video game. However, there’s one significant difference between the video game and the board game.


The video game gave players the option to choose Joja Mart’s side instead of saving the valley. As such, these players would instead choose to complete the Joja Warehouse over the quaint Community Center. This isn’t an option available in the board game.

Even though the source material of the Stardew Valley board game is a fairly simple and easy-to-play farming simulator, the board game itself seems to be quite complicated. As a matter of fact, Barone even adds something similar to a disclaimer for those who are interested in getting the game. He notes that “this game was designed to have some depth and complexity,” and while it will get easier once players are familiar with the rules, “it’s not a short, casual game.”

When playing with friends, the board game will take approximately 45 minutes per player in order to complete. So if playing alone, you’d most likely spend a minimum of 90 minutes. In any case, Stardew Valley: The Board Game is already available now, and can be purchased from the Stardew Store.

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