Street Fighter 5 Last DLC Character Revealed In New Trailer

Luke, the latest and last Street Fighter V DLC character, has been revealed in a new teaser by Capcom. Since the game’s first release in 2016, Capcom has released a continuous stream of new content for Street Fighter 5. Street Fighter 5 has remained in the heart of the fighting game community due to the prestige and popularity of its namesake, and it is still Capcom’s flagship competitive title.

In fact, Street Fighter 5 is the only current fighting game that Capcom has maintained long-term support for. Capcom has committed to re-releases and compilations of their earlier masterpieces in the fighting game genre after the critically panned Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Tekken X Street Fighter, which has been in production for a long time, has also been put on hold for the time being, despite reports that it was scrapped long ago. Nonetheless, Capcom has kept Street Fighter 5 alive for half a decade, and it appears that fresh material will be added to the game for the rest of 2021.


Capcom unveiled a fresh new playable character entering the roster of Street Fighter 5 in a clip released to the official Street Fighter YouTube account. Luke is a never-before-seen fighter who makes his Season Pass 5 debut as the last character, and he possesses an unusual kickboxing moveset.

Luke seems like a standout boxing character in Street Fighter 5, with projectile punches, target combinations, and a few techniques that resemble fellow fighter Alex. According to the video description, he will appear in the game in late November, although no exact release date has been announced.

Luke will be the final DLC character, completing Season Pass 5 and increasing the overall number of playable fighters to 46. It’s unclear whether Street Fighter 5 will acquire more aesthetic material in the future, but Capcom looks to be shutting down the game as 2022 approaches.

Leaked papers indicated that Street Fighter 6 is in production, along with other undisclosed games, after the business suffered a huge data breach near the end of 2020. According to the leaked information, Street Fighter 6 would be accessible on both current-generation and last-generation platforms, suggesting that the game will be released soon.

This last character brings Street Fighter 5 to a close after a lengthy journey, and many fighting game fans are looking forward to what lies next. While the game’s longevity is undeniable, the community has expressed several concerns about it over the years, most of which have gone virtually unanswered. With Guilty Gear Strike now commanding the attention of the fighting game community, Capcom may require a whole new competitive game to reclaim its position.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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