Chalk another one up to the PlayStation Store revealing things earlier than intended. Street Fighter V’s Ed has been revealed as the next Season 2 DLC character.


As you may or may not remember, Ed was the young boy that Balrog was training in his story mode. According to his CFN profile, he was at one point going to be a new host body for M. Bison, but that was put on hold thanks to the destruction of the SIN base in Street Fighter IV. He does seem to possess some form of Psycho Power, being fueled by a Shadowloo crest on his hand.


He was even able to shut down Nash in the story trailer, so clearly he’s got some power to him:


The store leak notes that Ed’s now available, but we know that Capcom delayed the next patch to continue improving their online service, the Capcom Fighters Network.

Speaking of the Capcom Fighters Network, here’s what its profile says about Ed:

This guy might’ve piqued your interest, no?

He’s the youngster who was working together with Balrog. He’s got quite the mysterious aura about him.

Basic info

  • Name: Ed
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: 3rd of September
  • Country of origin: Unknown
  • Likes: Billiards
  • Dislikes: Idealistic people


  • He was captured by S.I.N and planned to be used as a potential spare body for M. Bison.
  • After Seth was defeated, Master Balrog saved him from the collapsing laboratory.

This is far from the first time that online console stores have leaked upcoming releases. Recall that Overwatch’s Uprising event was spoiled by the Xbox Live store – among numerous other occurrences.

Street Fighter V‘s latest update brought some new skins to the mix, but the one everyone’s really waiting for include those sweet, sweet balance changes, as well as a number of new moves for everyone’s favorite Street Fighters. Capcom did say that there was also the possibility of another Street Fighter V beta test coming soon, which will likely include Ed. But they did not confirm when it might take place.

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