Indie Horror Title ‘Lone Survivor’ Gets Remake After 8 Years

In a recent announcement by developer Jasper Byrne, the highly-acclaimed indie survival horror game from 2012, Lone Survivor, will be getting a remake for PC and Nintendo Switch, along with a brand-new scenario.

Super Lone Survivor, which is the title of the remastered version, is set to release in 2021. While the original title wouldn’t be the first game that would come to mind when thinking about remakes, horror and indie fans will surely enjoy this one.

The remake was announced during Halloween and it feels very timely given the fact that the game itself has a truly chilling vibe to it. Jasper Byrne announced the coming of Super Lone Survivor by releasing a creepy 37-second teaser trailer.

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The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much about what you can expect in Super Lone Survivor, but it does set the tone for the upcoming remake. We can see characters riding the subway, while an unknown person says “this might be it for you, bro.”

Despite being a pixel-art game, it’s clear to see that Byrne’s horror title is set in a post-apocalyptic universe. Indie developers have always played a huge role in expanding and improving upon the horror genre in many out-of-the-box ways, and Lone Survivor is definitely a great example of this.

That being said, the remake, Super Lone Survivor, won’t simply be repeating the same content from 2012. Of course, it will still be the same familiar game, but there will be a brand-new scenario this time around named Ascending.

Although we have yet to find out what will be included in this new scenario, we’re sure that the developer will share a few more details in the future. However, Byrne does say that for now, he doesn’t know just how long he plans Ascending to be, but he goes on to say that “the story feels relevant right now.”

Probably one of the most impressive aspects of Byrne’s announcement is the fact that the game is being remade from scratch in order to make use of the new Nintendo Switch and PC technology.


In other words, the game will be able to make use of the new features available on the new engine being used, such as parallax scrolling, brand-new effects, and shadows. Not only that, but players who have ultrawide monitors or computers with a high refresh rate will be able to play the game smoothly.

As a matter of fact, Byrne claims that Super Lone Survivor is already capable of running 60 FPS on the Nintendo Switch. We’re super excited to see for ourselves just how well this game will play on our modern systems.

That being said, the developer never planned to make a sequel for Lone Survivor, but this upcoming remake with its new additions will hopefully inspire its creators to work on another similar title.

There are a lot of video game remakes that are being worked on right now, and while Super Lone Survivor was not an expected addition to the list, this eerie indie game will surely stand out from the rest once it gets released next year.

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