Target’s Expected PS5 Restock May Happen This Week

Ever since its release back in November of last year, the PlayStation 5 still remains as elusive as water, and interested buyers are still having a hard time trying to obtain one. Fortunately, Target may be restocking on this console within this week. According to a report by Spieltimes, Target’s very first PS5 drop for this year is expected to happen soon—much sooner than what was initially anticipated.

With countless fans trying to get their hands on this new-generation console for how many months since last year, scalpers have been trying to take advantage of this situation by selling PlayStation 5 consoles for ridiculously expensive prices.

The console almost always gets immediately sold out whenever a retailer restocks, so speed and getting ahead of the game are crucial if you want your own PlayStation 5. Fortunately, Spieltimes has had a reliable history of predicting drops.

As a matter of fact, it was able to accurately predict when Target and Best Buy would launch the products before the retailers made an official announcement. As such, it’s highly possible that the website will be correct this time around as well.

According to Spieltimes’ sources, Target should be receiving the restocks twice within the week, after the retailer’s massive sale concludes. If these sources are to be trusted, then the first shipment should be available by January 19, while the second one on January 21. Although, it’s worth noting that this should vary depending on the region.


Based on previous console releases, Target usually doesn’t hold on to its stock once its available. As such, the possible drop dates could be anywhere between January 19 and January 21. However, there’s a catch to what appears to be wonderful news: these sources claim that Target will only have 4-12 units available for every store.

Now, there are two issues that could stem from this. For one thing, the available stock during that time will, without a doubt, sell out as quick as lightning. In addition to that, it’s highly possible that Target won’t sell the consoles all at once. One of Spieltimes’ official sources states that Target may only post one PlayStation 5 console at a time on its website.

In other words, it’s a significantly smaller drop than the last few rounds, and those who want to get their hands on this elusive console need to act as fast as possible. For now, fans should refrain from purchasing a console from brick-and-mortar stores, as the sales will only be available online.

That being said, Spieltimes lists down these time frames, as the site claims that Target usually posts consoles during these windows: between 3 AM – 7 AM EST, although chances are higher during 5 AM – 7 AM EST.

Trying to get ahold of the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been a particularly easy process. Even though both Sony and Microsoft were able to break sales records with the release of the newest generation of consoles, many fans have gone through and are still going through quite an ordeal in an effort to buy one of the consoles.

If this drop leak is true, then fans need to act fast. Spieltimes recommends that interested buyers should create a Target account and fill up the needed purchase information as soon as possible so that they can checkout the console as soon as it drops.

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