New Glitch Discovered on Valorant’s Ascent Map Affects Several Abilities

Valorant Episode 2 was officially launched last week, and it brought with it countless new content and features for players to enjoy. However, as expected of a major update containing additional content, Riot Games’ tactical first-person hero shooter has been hit by several bugs and glitches, some of which are game-breaking.

In fact, a Valorant player recently discovered a glitch on the Ascent map that renders a player’s ability useless. More specifically, when a player activates an ability, it would simply fall through the ground—literally.

At the launch of Valorant Episode 1 Act 3, Riot Games had to roll back patches due to messy technical problems that affected the game. In fact, this roll back caused the Agent Skye to be delayed as well. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise now that the addition of the new Agent Yoru also comes with several bugs and glitches.


Specifically, players have been experiencing issues with his Gatecrash ability, as it has caused them to die from fall damage when emerging through the rip. While the bugs revolving around Yoru only affect the team in general, a new glitch has emerged that affects the game in its entirety no matter which Agent has been chosen.

This actually wouldn’t be the first time that a Valorant map has caused some controversy. This time around, though, the map in question is Ascent. Recently, the OCE caster who is commonly known as Crashmaaate discovered a glitch on Ascent where instead of the ability activating, it falls through the map instead.

Crashmaaate initially discovered this while playing as Pheonix, a British Agent capable of pyromancy. When the Valorant player tried to use Pheonix’s Hot-Hand ability while in Ascent, the ability fell through the floor instead of exploding. Crashmaaate discovered this glitch by accident, but they later experimented and explored the full scope of the glitch using other Agents in custom games.

Thanks to that, Crashmaaate was able to prove that the glitch they experienced simply wasn’t a onetime thing. Instead, it also happened to several other Agents, and the problem seems to be that one specific spot in Ascent.

The Valorant player then lists down all the other Agents affected by this glitch, including their specific abilities. The affected abilities include Sova’s recon and shock dart, Raze’s grenade and ultimate, Brimstone’s molly, Viper’s molly and orb, Killjoy’s molly, and Cypher’s cage. While Crashmaaate notes that they don’t have Yoru yet, it’s quite possible that the glitch affects him and his flash as well. In other words, half of Valorant’s roster of playable characters is impacted by this glitch.

On the bright side, it appears that the glitch is only limited to that one spot on the ground in Ascent. On the downside, it’s a great strategic position for throwing abilities that can scare off enemy players, which is essentially the kind of abilities affected by the glitch. It’s truly a dilemma.

Until Riot Games releases a fix for this, players won’t be able to throw grenades and the like within that particular area unless they simply want to see their abilities pass through the ground.

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