Target’s PS5 Restock Immediately Sold Out

Gamers who have been trying to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 have been having a hard time doing so ever since pre-orders for the console went live last year. With retailers constantly running out of stock, delivery drivers stealing the console, and sometimes delivering the wrong item, it’s almost impossible to get a PS5 with no bumps along the way. There was a time recently when a big retailer had the console in stock, though, but for only a quick moment.

When the PlayStation 5 was released—and even before that when pre-orders were ongoing—scalpers wasted no time in selling the console on websites like eBay for outrageous prices. If you think about how much people were willing to pay for a PlayStation 5 even before it was officially out just goes to show how in demand this console was and is.

However, at some point in the middle of the night, Target restocked on PS5s. There were rumors recently claiming that Target would have a PS5 restock very soon. These rumors turned out to be true, and as expected, the console was sold out in a flash.

Just like what the rumor predicted, the console’s purchase opportunity took place some time between 3 AM and 7 AM. As soon as it went live, Target’s limited stocks were gone almost immediately. Understandably, many interested customers who weren’t as quick as the others were upset and disappointed by this.

While there were some lucky customers who finally got to purchase this newest console generation for the PlayStation, many weren’t as lucky, with some even sleeping through the drop.

It’s quite incredible how in-demand the PlayStation 5 is right now and how, after months of its release, countless people are still having trouble obtaining one. As a matter of fact, the console has yet to officially launch in India, but the pre-orders have long since sold out.

It’s not just the PlayStation 5 either; Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is still in high demand even today. About two months have already passed since both consoles got launched, yet there seems to be no sign that the hype and demand for both of them will die down anytime soon.

As such, it would definitely interesting to see how long the PlayStation 5 will be in demand for before the hype slowly dwindles and dies. Naturally, the hype surrounding a brand-new console will always die out eventually—there’s nothing a company can do to retain the demand for it.

There’s the Nintendo Switch, for example. Although admittedly the hype and demand for the console wasn’t as high compared to the PlayStation 5, Nintendo also experienced similar issues. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised that the Nintendo Switch Pro, if it were to be announced, would receive the same kind of treatment that both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S have been receiving for the past few months.

At this point, all we can do is hope that obtaining a highly praised PlayStation 5 console will be easier to do in the forthcoming months.

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