Soon, customers will be able to drive Tesla’s Cybertruck as deliveries of this brand-new vehicle are slated to begin by the end of this year’s third quarter. Now, the Cybertruck is on its final winter testing, and Tesla has chosen New Zealand to be the ground for this. Here’s the news. 

Winter testing for the Cybertruck in New Zealand

A covered Tesla Cybertruck prototype was recently spotted arriving by plane in New Zealand, and many of those who have seen this say it is for final winter testing. 

Website Cybertruck Owners Club shared a video of the sighting and said, “Cybertruck being offloaded at New Zealand airport for winter testing.”

According to the website, the test location will be at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG). 

SHPG is a state-of-the-art testing facility utilized by car manufacturers and tire producers worldwide for winter tests between June and September or every when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Tesla is one of them.

Tesla has previously used this SHPG facility for winter testing, particularly with its Model Y and other car models. So, it is not surprising to see its Cybertruck being tested on the winter grounds of New Zealand. 

If it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Tesla uses its own proving grounds in Alaska, but when it is summer, it uses its SHPG in New Zealand. 

Tesla has also placed its Cybertruck through winter testing in Alaska, but it seems that with it undergoing another winter testing in New Zealand, there is another testing phase ahead of its production. 

Mixed reactions from people

While there are those who are optimistic about this move, some are criticizing it. 

Entrepreneur Matthew Donegan-Ryan (@MatthewDR), who also claims to be a Cybertruck insider, is pretty excited about the vehicle’s delivery day. 

“The @Tesla Cybertruck is in New Zealand for winter weather testing… we’re getting closer to delivery day!” he tweeted.

Netizen @MilMileBattery also responded positively, tweeting, “… With Cybertruck spotted in New Zealand today for winter testing, looks like late Q3 deliveries well on track…”

Meanwhile, @equinejunkie believes the Cybertruck will be “a beast in the snow.”

However, others are criticizing the move. One group says that Tesla is testing the truck in winter conditions too late, only three months before the initial deliveries. They are pointing out that other automakers begin testing at least a year before production is finalized – sometimes even before they have the body for the new model, they added. 

Another group says that the truck is in New Zealand not for final winter testing but for a “cool promotional video.”

Tesla describes its Cybertruck as having “better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car.”

It is expected to perform at its peak in harsh snowy, and icy conditions thanks to its up to four motors that power up its all-wheel-drive system and rear-steering. 

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