Building cars takes so much time, so they can run efficiently once sold to customers. But take Tesla’s approach to manufacturing cars differently. The company can literally build cars in just 45 seconds (but that does not mean they won’t function great), especially at Tesla’s new Giga Laboratory concept in Chengdu, China it unveiled recently. Here’s the news story. 

Building cars in 45 seconds

Over the weekend, Tesla announced a brand-new Giga Laboratory concept in China’s city of Chengdu. Chengdu is the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province and also the largest city in that province. 

“The country’s first ‘Tesla GIGA Laboratory’ made a stunning debut. Tesla’s ‘Most Beautiful Store in Chengdu’ unveiled the mystery: An immersive experience of the magic of ‘building a car in 45 seconds’. Meet up with friends ‘Chat and take a break’,” said the company on its official Weibo account, translated to English. Weibo is a Chinese social media platform for the Chinese people. 

Physical stores like this are innate to operations in countries like China. Aside from being capable of building a car in just 45 seconds, customers who visit this Giga Laboratory can also meet up with friends as they watch the manufacturing process of Tesla vehicles. 

Also, this Giga Laboratory will not only feature cars but also manufacturing robots and other exhibits that will provide automotive geeks with something to talk about.

Moreover, Tesla’s powertrain technology will also be highlighted at the new Giga Laboratory, showcasing certain parts of the drivetrain. The EV maker’s powertrain technology is its electric powertrain system that consists of the AC induction motor, single-speed gearbox, charger, lithium-ion battery pack, thermal management system, and powertrain system communication and controls. 

Feel Tesla’s hardcore beauty

Over the weekend, Tesla Asia’s official account on Twitter also said this new Giga Laboratory will allow customers to “feel the hardcore beauty of Tesla.”

“The first ‘GIGA LAB’  Tesla store held its opening ceremony today. The interior of ‘GIGA LAB’ imitates the Shanghai Gigafactory and shows the manufacturing process of Tesla vehicles. Here, customers can feel the hardcore beauty of Tesla,” @Tesla_Asia tweeted. 

Many of those who have heard about this news are commenting that it is “so cool,” “beautiful,” and “futuristic.”

In 2019, Tesla said it would scale down its physical retail stores and focus on online sales. But this did not happen. Instead, over the past three years, Tesla’s brick-and-mortar shops and service facilities, such as this recently unveiled laboratory, have doubled. 

For instance, there are five of the company’s Gigafactories right now, located in Nevada, Texas and New York in the United States, and in Berlin in Germany and in Shanghai in China.

Among the reasons Tesla keeps building such establishments, especially in China, is the reliance of the Chinese market on physical retail. Thus, this new Giga Laboratory concept will attract more buyers from the East Asian country.

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