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Are you receiving anonymous text messages and calls from a TextFree number? If you do, chances are, you would want to know if that number can be traced, wouldn’t you? It can get super irritating when you receive prank texts and calls from a TextFree number. So, can you trace a TextFree number? We will find out in this discussion. 

What Is TextFree?

TextFree can be used to make calls and send texts. Available on Android and iOS, this app requires Internet access. The app was formerly referred to as Pinger. It utilizes the Internet, so users can use this app for free. There is also a subscription option on TextFree. This app was first launched in 2006. 

So, can you trace a TextFree number? 

Can You Trace A TextFree Number?

Here is the answer. You can be rest assured knowing there will be no traces of the TextFree number remaining on your device, and definitely nothing that could allow your phone to be tracked. 

Currently, there is no way to trace TextFree numbers. All texts using this service are protected from being seen via certain websites by default. And, even if it is possible for somebody to get onto your account and view them, they still would not be able to see any identifying information on who you are texting unless you choose to provide that person access, just like contact in your phone. 

So there you have it. Here are more details to know about this topic. 

Can Your Device Be Traced After Uninstalling TextFree?

Your device will not be traced after you uninstall TextFree. Your identity remains anonymous since TextFree numbers are not traceable. However, any app you install on your phone has access to your storage. Even when you uninstall the app, some residue files may stay on your phone. These files get stored on your device’s memory or memory card. 

Moreover, your device cannot be traced after you uninstall TextFree when you remove the residue files. For this, you can proceed to your storage and delete the folder that has TextFree data. The folder should be named “TextFree.” Deleting files that might have been saved on your smartphone makes it hard to be traced. 

You have understood that the app is anonymous. Plus, it is free to use. Having said these, is TextFree safe? Let’s break down the details for you.

Is TextFree Safe?

TextFree does adhere to standard security protocols. Yet, TextFree has been said not to use end-to-end encryption. Thus, its safety is highly debatable. This app allows you to make anonymous calls and texts. Furthermore, your identity cannot be traced. So, does it guarantee safety? 

It is nearly impossible to keep your identity untraceable over the Internet. This is regardless of which app you use or do not use. However, your identity will not be revealed even if anybody attempts to trace your number. But, your TextFree data can be accessed as it does not use end-to-end encryption.

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