Still playing “Wordle”? Well, you must be enjoying your winning streak. Many have stopped playing this game after some time because it bores them. But still, there are even more who are still into it and more who are discovering the joys of playing Wordle. 

Today is a brand new Wordle, which means another day to work your minds off and guess the word – or Wordle – of the day. Things are generally easy in the game, especially if you have been playing it for quite a while. But, in any case you get stuck right in the middle of it, and want to keep your winning streak, cannot afford not to guess the word for the day, we’re here to help you. Here are the hints and the answer in today’s “Wordle.” 

A Subtle Hint For Today’s ‘Wordle’ Answer

The Wordle for today is a word that’s part of the lyrics in the song “Gaston” in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Try to guess it. It’s easy. 

Does The Word Today Possess A Double Letter?

No, not today.

Still can’t guess it? Read further. 

Today’s Wordle Starts With The Letter…


You can go ahead and search for the lyrics of the song in the hopes that you will find the word there. 

Still can’t guess it? Let’s give the takeaway.

What’s The Answer In Today’s Wordle?

Try to guess it from the hints revealed about it, but if you still can’t, feel free to read on. 

The solution to today’s Wordle is…


“Burly” is usually a description for a person, which means large and strong, or heavily built. 

‘Wordle’ Solutions From Tomorrow And Beyond (July 2023)

The solutions for some of the future’s Wordles are already available. If you want to take it further, keep reading for the answers in “Wordle” from tomorrow, July 22nd, and beyond.

  • July 22nd: FROZE
  • July 23rd: WHALE
  • July 24th: HOBBY
  • July 25th: WHEEL 
  • July 26th: HEART
  • July 27th: DISCO
  • July 28th: ETHOS
  • July 29th: CURLY
  • July 30th: BATHE
  • July 31st: Not yet available

“Wordle” is a mind-boggling game created by Josh Wardle, an engineer, for his partner. The game quickly spread to become a worldwide sensation, with thousands of people around the globe playing daily. There have also been several variations created by fans, such as the music identification game Heardle, battle royale Squabble, and others like Dordle and Quordle, where you must guess multiple words simultaneously. 

Today, “Wordle” is playable via the website of the New York Times. But interestingly, it wasn’t originally owned by the publication. It was only purchased by the New York Times. 

TGIF! Keep enjoying “Wordle”!

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