Finding a job is a tedious task. From updating your resume to searching for open vacancies and applying to them, the whole job-hunting process can be quite daunting. You need to be honest with yourself and carefully consider what kind of job will truly make you happy, because unfortunately, we often end up getting what at first seems like the “perfect role”, only to be disappointed and end up hating the job afterward.

However, with the introduction of job applications, the job-hunting process has become quite streamlined and convenient for both job seekers and recruiters.

Job seekers can now apply directly to the company for an open job vacancy and communicate with relevant recruiters that are posting the job position.

Have a Look at Top Job Search Apps

Here we discuss 9 job search apps that make your job hunting hassle-free and easy.



Another popular job search portal, Monster, has recently launched its job application and received great appreciation from users. The monster job search app is quite easy to operate with its function similar to a dating app.

To use the Monster app, you can register on the application with your details and upload a copy of your updated resume. Once this is done, you can swipe right to apply for a job opening and swipe left for a job opening that doesn’t match your credentials.

An interesting feature of the Monster app is the “in-app career concierge” facility that offers you tips for a better job search and even replies to your queries regarding app usage.

You can refer to the app to search for both full-time and part-time jobs. The company’s response to your job application is easily visible on the mobile app. You can even search for jobs for a specific location.



LinkedIn, an online job search and networking site is hugely popular among working professionals. The free version of the app provides you with open job positions based on your interest or experience. You can even do a manual search by applying several filters such as company name, location, or a specific keyword.

You can even search for a new job while being currently employed as LinkedIn makes your profile open only to recruiters looking for potential candidates.

Once you apply for a position you can connect with the recruiting managers and contact them.

The premium version of the LinkedIn app can be availed through a paid subscription. This version of LinkedIn has amazing features and allows you to send InMail to recruiters who are not in your network and shows how well your profile is suited for a given position.

Dice Careers

Dice Careers

Another job search app that helps in providing you with the most appropriate job search result is the Dice app. In addition to providing you with a relevant search result, the app also provides information regarding the ideal salary based on your skill and experience.

You can even search for jobs by applying various filters such as title, programming language, skill, or interest.

The Dice Careers app is designed to help tech professionals who are unable to devote much time for job search owing to their busy schedules. It helps by providing alerts for jobs in domains such as marketing, mobile app development, DevOps, SEO, computing, etc.

The app has its own tool for cloud storage.



Another app that has emerged as a trusted and reliable job search app is Glassdoor. The app helps you to find the jobs that match your experience, and interests. The ‘Know Your Worth’ tool helps you to find the ideal salary you can expect, based on your experience and skill.

The simple design of the app provides it an easy and convenient user interface. An added feature of the app is the ‘Reviews Available’ for each company posted by employees and the company itself.

You can even check the most frequently asked interview questions while going for a company job interview.

The mobile app of Glassdoors helps you to apply for a job application directly from the app itself. You can even change the app settings to receive instant push notifications for any new job posting that matches your search criteria.

While checking a job position you can even check the profile of the company or follow it or get the contact email id of the recruiters.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job search app has the advantage of allowing you to apply for job positions in over 50 countries and in more than 20 languages. You can use its extensive database to search for full-time, part-time, freelance, and any other job type.

The Indeed app provides you with quick search results based on your search criteria. You can search as per company, location, and job title.

While browsing for open positions you can either email your application or save it for later use.

The app even sends alerts for any new job posting that matches your search criteria.

The wide coverage of the jobs is the best feature of the app. It covers job positions listed on various search engines, employment boards, newspaper advertisements, etc.



Snag is the new yet highly reliable job-hunting platform that everyone seems to be talking about. You can use Snag to search for jobs based on different search criteria. The app has some interesting features such as one-click apply, video profile, etc. You can even add your personality traits in the form of a quiz to let employers know about your strengths.

You can search for jobs as per your requirement. Whether it is a full-time, freelance, part-time, hourly jobs, or a beginner’s job, you can search using multiple job filters.

You can even add alerts for your preferred job criteria to be sent at your email.



Zip Recruiter has the advantage of allowing you to search over 100 jobs at a single time.

Based on your job search criteria, Zip Recruiter sends you job positions at your email id every day.

If you like a job position you can apply instantly through the app or save it for later.

You even receive a notification every time a recruiter visits your profile.

You can set alerts for 20 different types of jobs with different search criteria and the app will send you a notification for all alerts.

Link Up

Link Up

Link Up job search app has the unique feature of bringing to your mobile, the job positions that are listed only on the employer’s website. This helps you in getting access to an additional job market that remains hidden from the regular job market.

The website is updated daily with all new job postings published by a company that is limited to their website.

Career Builder

career builder

The Career Builder app uses augmented reality to help you view jobs that are available in your vicinity. You can even add additional filters such as salary, job title, or distance for a refined search.

You can use the app to upgrade yourself with skills for a better paying position.

You can even upload a paper image of your resume or use the resume builder tool of the app for a professional resume.

Considering the convenience of using a smartphone to apply for a job, make sure to follow certain basic guidelines while applying for a job.

  • Make sure to do a complete research of the employer you wish to work with.
  • Proofread your application/ cover letter multiple times to avoid any typo errors.
  • Ensure a polite follow up with the recruiter/ employer for the status of the job application.
  • Refrain from applying blindly to any job application for which you are over or under-qualified.

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