Circle of Gentlemen is a high-end Dutch fashion brand which was founded in 2006. The brand focuses on fashion enthusiasts with a class, be it, men or women. It calls its wearers the Circle and Gentlemen. A perfect blend of classic colors, beautiful designs, and intricate prints, Circle of Gentlemen offers its customers the best of the fashion industry and style trends.

The company’s emblem depicts two lions on it, one for power and the other for pride. The company takes pride in its Dutch roots and gives out power to its customers. It offers outfits that are in line with the latest fashion trends and meet the professional requirements of businessmen and gentlemen alike.

Bold, vibrant colors, a proper mix and blend of fabrics, incorporation of beautiful designs and unique styles, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends, yet relying on the company’s gut instinct when introducing a new product line are all the factors which add up to the hype and class reflected by this brand over masses.

The Quality and Attention to Details

The company focuses on obtaining high-quality fabrics to be used in production and combines it with refined and detail-oriented processes. It aims at clothing men of all ages in outfits that combine the beauty of attention to detail and class of quality material used.

Since it also produces clothes for the ladies, the same zest, passion and hard work follow into manufacturing their clothes too. The result of these processes is the same for men and women, production of uber chick outfits which help in translating the wearer’s personal style into their outfits and reflects in the way they carry it.

The Products

Current men’s collection includes shirts available in different style categories. These include striped shirts, checkered shirts, knitted shirts, micro design, winter paisley and of course, the classics. The price ranges between € 129 to €189, depending on the style of the shirt and texture of the fabric being purchased. The brand does offer a limited edition class of shirts which are worth €99 only. This is a discounted price. The original price of the shirts listed is €169.

Another men’s wear category is ‘Business Shirts’. This category includes dress shirts made out of either pure cotton or stretchable material. The price ranges of shirts in these categories include €109.99 only for both kinds of material fabric be it stretchable or cotton.

The list of men’s category winter paisley consists of shirts with feather-like designs printed on them. These are also available in various colors and styles. However, prints are more or less the same which include feathers of different sizes and forms.

The brand does not offer a lot of variety when it comes down to ladies’ wear. However, the shirts listed are no less in class than that of men. The price range for ladies’ wear remains fixed at €109.99 only. With bold colors and complimenting buttons, the dress shirts for ladies have an appeal of their own,

The brand requires its potential clients to register with them online on their website: Once the personal details have been provided, the company asks the user to confirm their registration via a link emailed to them. Now the customers may proceed to window shop and add items to either their wish list or cart. After that, they are required to pay up their dues and items are promised to be delivered on their doorsteps within 1-2 working days. Mostly, the orders are delivered on business days before 3 pm. However, if an order gets delayed, then those customers are required to contact the company as soon as possible.

Returning an Item

In case customers want to return an already purchased item, they are allowed to do so within 14 days of the initial purchase made. Additionally, the item must be in its original packing, form, and shape. In-store purchases are not eligible for returns, making it easier for its customers to shop online. In case of any differences found in the product ordered and the one received, they can easily have it returned though there is no mention of the fact whether the company encourages articles exchanges or not. However, the Circle of Gentlemen brand reimburses the amount spent within 5 working days of the article returned.

Circle of Gentlemen with its exuberant brand image is a brand to for if you are a fashion lover who likes to pair the latest style trends with class. Although other than shirts, the brand also offers a variety of jackets, pants, suits, and trousers, it focuses mainly on producing high end and fashion-driven dress shirts so that it can cater to the needs of style-conscious and trend-setting ladies and gentlemen.