The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector’s investment space has undoubtedly had its fair share of scams and unlawful projects. Since the sector isn’t regulated as much as the others, legit and high-quality projects are having difficulty breaking through the surface and getting noticed by the public.

Because of the lack of proper regularization and standardization, it becomes more challenging for investors to safely determine which crypto projects are legit and which are scams. As a result, more and more investors have decided to hibernate and refrain from making any investments.

However, one blockchain promises to change things by creating a community where investors and supporters can gather in one platform. Namely, InuYasha is developing a decentralized incubator for crypto projects.

InuYasha is the best go-to platform for crypto developers looking for support or donations for their upcoming projects. Whether they’re working on blockchain games, a charitable organization, meme tokens, or more, InuYasha’s platform may be able to help. Aside from that, you can also consider InuYasha to be a community for like-minded investors looking for early access to up-and-coming projects.

What Is InuYasha?

Being the platform that launched Guzzler and Clifford Inu, InuYasha is an incubator and launchpad platform driven by its community. It’s a top-notch healthy investment ecosystem designed with many exciting and innovative features.

InuYasha was developed by a solid team of skilled professionals who understand startup development, finance, and marketing. As such, the entire DeFi environment is expected to benefit from what InuYasha has set out to accomplish.

How Does It Work?

InuYasha is essentially a decentralized platform that offers various features to its users that will ultimately help them find promising up-and-coming crypto projects. In other words, investors are given a chance to find and invest in a safe and legitimate environment.

Aside from its many benefits, the platform also has a native decentralized token called $InuYasha, which has an overall supply of 100 billion tokens. The InuYasha team believes that the blockchain sector would greatly benefit from having standardized protocols whenever a new token is released, so the team decided to build on top of a fully-audited token. This way, the project guarantees transparency to its investors from the get-go.

This project is separated into three categories: the YashaPAD, the Yasha Incubator, and the YashaDAO. We’ll give you a thorough explanation of each section below, so keep reading to find out more.


The YashaPAD

The InuYasha team developed a launchpad for screening and vetting new projects. There are too many crypto scams and illegitimate projects these days, and the InuYasha team wants to prevent or lessen them as much as possible through this launchpad.

Any new project that wants to list on InuYasha must first go through the YashaPAD. It’s undoubtedly a good program that helps teams launch their blockchain-based games or blockchains, in general. Not only that, but it can also be the ideal place to go for those looking to gather donations for charitable projects.

Not just any project gets approved for InuYasha. Each project that applies for listing undergoes voting from community members to ensure that the platform remains scam-free. The projects that do pass the strict vetting process will be listed on the platform and gain access to potential investors.


The Yasha Incubator

The next sector is the Yasha Incubator, which is the heart of this entire project. The incubator provides teams with various tools to help them get their up-and-coming blockchain project on its feet. The teams registered on the Yash Incubator will have access to marketing, crowdfunding support, community engagement, and the like. These tools will ensure that any project will have an excellent kickstart.


The Yasha DAO

After the incubation period, projects will move to the next phase, which offers help revolving around funding and token issuance. To ensure this phase goes as smoothly as possible, InuYasha has a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that manages every activity made on the platform. The decentralized autonomous organization is available to all InuYasha members.


The InuYasha project undoubtedly holds promise and potential, which we can’t say for all projects within the crypto space. The project will undoubtedly be an exemplary leader in this space, especially since it aims to provide a safer environment for investors.

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