The Medium Xbox Exclusive Receives New Live-Action Trailer

The psychological horror game The Medium, an Xbox console exclusive, has just received a live-action trailer. The new trailer comes soon after the game’s recent gameplay trailer, which released just a few days ago.

These trailers take advantage of the creativity of the development team behind the game, Bloober Team is bringing to the table. Similar to Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga, The Medium is another Xbox exclusive that delves into cognitive concepts utilizing mysterious elements such as a navigation conduit.

Previously, The Medium was scheduled to launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but was sooner or later delayed in favor of using hardware from the time’s upcoming generation to pull off the game’s main gameplay conceit efficiently. The game was then set to launch in December 2020 for the Xbox Series X|S but was postponed into 2021 because of the implications of the coronavirus pandemic. The game’s new launch date is scheduled for January 28, 2021.

As the game’s launch date comes nearer, developer Bloober Team has posted a new live-action trailer for the upcoming psychological horror game. The trailer checks all the boxes for the genre such as creaky buildings, scary monsters, suspenseful music, and the looming promise of death from odd causes that climates in a mixture of psychologically confusing torment. The title’s realm-shifting between the real and spirit worlds is also showed off, giving an absolute contrast between the two dimensions.

Psychological horror games grow in popularity in times of conflict and societal disorder, as the genre tends to mirror the chaos raging within its audience. The panic caused by the coronavirus pandemic and otherworldly mishaps caused 2020 to be a year of uncertainty that has bled into this year, and The Medium functions as a channel for gamers to experience their different emotional states in a restrained yet simultaneously unpredictable situation. With the new live-action trailer, fans now have a glance at what the game offers in terms of a rougher representation of its setting.

Furthermore, the intensity of the trailer and professional creation lends trust to the idea that The Medium could serve as an exciting film or TV series that leaves the audience hanging in their seats to keep themselves grounded.

Bloober Team has done a remarkable job of hinting world plagued by things far worse than civil unrest and pandemic. The game also expends some effort in discovering the complication of being a spirit medium, opening the protagonist up to emotional ramifications that exhibit themselves physically, such as her strangulation at the end of the trailer.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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