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Online casino players and especially poker pros all know this. After a long session of slot machines, and an intense tournament, the body is exhausted and the head is not far from the explosion. Knowing how to take distance, rest, and take care of yourself are the little details that can make the difference at the gaming tables of non GamStop casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos. The prestigious hotels that host the casinos sometimes offer extraordinary opportunities for players to enjoy exceptional moments of relaxation after days of gambling.

Let’s take a look at these dream locations!

Hotel Du Pasino – Le Havre France

Le Havre may not be the first dream destination… However, the city hides one of the most attractive casinos for gamblers and Spa lovers. With more than 200 slot machines and the latest novelties, international level poker tournaments, and a games room provided, the Hotel du Pasino is a must.

With its 4 stars, the hotel sets the tone. Facing the sea, its spa is modern and stylish. Non GamStop casino players can take advantage of all the services of a luxury spa: massages, wellness treatments, and pools, as well as jacuzzis, hammam, and sauna.

Non GamStop casino players can take advantage of exclusive offers. The membership card allows you to earn tokens for the casino by consuming at the bar, restaurant, and spa.

No need to go to the end of the world, the French know-how in terms of luxury and well-being is well established.

Bellagio – USA – Las Vegas

The Bellagio is known worldwide by all non GamStop casino players – it is the icon of the city that never sleeps.

The Bellagio is an extraordinary casino and hotel. It is even possible to visit it. Dale Chihuly’s Fiori di Como is a masterful work that welcomes visitors.

The ceiling is covered with 2000 hand-blown glass flowers over an area of 190 m2. The numbers for this resort hotel are exceptional. The Bellagio’s main tower has 3,015 rooms on 36 floors and is 151 meters high. But in 2004, the owner offered his players a thermal tower where, of course, the spa is located. With its 33 floors, the height of 119 m, and 935 rooms, the Bellagio has a place dedicated to all possible and imaginable treatments. Swimming pools, jacuzzis, hammams, saunas, facial and body treatments, or even massages are offered, so to speak, to satisfy customers.

The suites even have direct access to the spa. The prizes can quickly climb very quickly too, but if you knocked the casino down at blackjack, it’s a gift. The exclusive card allows you to take advantage of bonuses, as in non GamStop casinos. A sort of VIP club that earns you tokens for each drink in the hotel, restaurant, and especially at the Spa. Players take care of themselves and earn tokens. The Bellagio is an experience for both casino and spa. It’s daunting.

Four Seasons – China – Macau

We often talk about Las Vegas to live an unforgettable experience and live a real change of scenery. In reality, Vegas is the US and if the change of scenery exists, it has nothing to do with Macao. Macao is another world! The Asian capital of gambling with casinos, more or less legal bookmakers, poker circles, offer a trip to an elsewhere that can recall certain cities imagined by the authors of SF. The Four Seasons is a gigantic casino and a kind of center of life where you can stay in isolation for weeks: casino, cinema, shops, and of course a Spa. In terms of gaming, the Plaza Casino Four Seasons has nothing to envy Vegas and you will even find unique games created solely for the Asian market.

This casino, is Asian excess that seems to have no limits. With room prices that are around 250 euros for the less luxurious, this luxury hotel offers various and varied services. For example, there are about ten swimming pools in the hotel and outside. The spa is ultra-luxurious, but what’s interesting is that it opens the doors to Asian-style well-being. This casino offers a million jackpots, cars to be won, and prizes including overnight stays with access to the spa. In our eyes, the Macao experience is much more interesting than Vegas because it is so much more exotic!

Brick-and-mortar casinos are often associated with luxury and the spa is part of this universe. If you do not have thousands of euros, you should know that in the UK, casinos are very numerous in spa towns like the casino of Aix-les-Bains. The prices are more accessible and the quality is there. We can even say without offending our casino friends that very often the services around the casinos are more interesting than the casino itself. In the UK, you will easily find dream hotels associated with a casino. On the other hand, the 400 games of the Macau hotel and the gigantic nests of the Bellagio, you will not find in the UK. All you have to do is break the piggy bank or play in the poker rooms and try to win complete packs, travel transportation – and entrance fees.

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