We finally decided to talk to you about system bets. This is one of the basics of the online GamStop bettor, but it is a real trap for beginner bettors. It is, therefore, necessary to be careful and above all not to be a bettor who turns into an online lottery player.

The offer of system bets is attractive, the odds can be mind-blowing, and often the non GamStop bookmakers communicate on the super winnings of a bettor who has won the jackpot by betting a few euros. Obviously, this can be envy, but remember that by betting 2.50 euros on a non GamStop bookmaker, lucky people can win a hundred million euros!

The bookmaker does his business, we try to bet like the pros so we avoid being as candid as a three-week-old rabbit and we analyze his bets all the more when the odds are too good to be true.

What Is a System Bet?

The system bet and the combined bet should not be confused. The system bet is a response to those who rightly find the combined bet to be limited and very risky. A combined bet is lost at the slightest error, which is not the case with a system bet. This is what gives it its advantage. There are several types that we will see in detail below. A system bet allows you to bet not on matches, but on systems, that is to say on combinations. This is where brushes should not be mixed up. If you combine three games, you need at least two good bets to win. It is, therefore, safer than making a combined bet or the slightest error will cause you to lose all of your bets.

The Different System Bets

French online bookmakers play the game and offer the classics of the genre.

The System Bet 2/3

It is the very first, the simplest and it is, therefore, the one that allows you to understand how the betting systems work when you are a beginner. The player selects three matches and bets on three combinations. He must have at least two good bets out of the three made to win his system.

Let’s take a simple example:

The player bets on three markets in three different matches.

  • PSG wins => odds 1.20.
  • Lyon loses at half-time => odds 2.10
  • Marseille scores two goals => odds 1.90

It is then necessary to choose the combinations of the system bet.

  • Combination 1 – (PSG wins 1.20, Marseille scores two goals 1.90).

The odds for this bet are therefore 2.28. The two odds are multiplied to obtain the odds of the combination.

  • Combination 2 – (PSG Win 1.20, Lyon lose at half time 2.10), (odds of 2.52).
  • Combination 3 – (Lyon loses at halftime at 2.10, Marseille scores two goals 1.90), (odds of 3.99).

To win this system bet, two correct combinations are required. One or less correct combination and the player loses all of his bets.

Let’s imagine that the player has worked well and that he wins the combinations 2 and 3. He has bet 10 euros on each combination.

This will give a gain calculation as follows:

Odds combination 2: (2.52 * 10) + odds combination 3: (3.99 * 10) = 25.52 + 39.90 = 65.51 euros.

This, therefore, makes a real gain of 65.31 – 30 (bet) = 36.31 euros.

The calculation is therefore simple. It is always necessary to pay attention that whatever the combinations, just the report of gain is positive! For all system bets, it is the same way of calculating.

The system bet: the Trixie

It is identical to 2/3, but with a combination of three games. The term Trixie can mislead the novice because, in the end, it is indeed four handsets that must be found. In the end, the player will have to determine three double combinations and one triple. It’s a riskier bet, but the odds go up very quickly. The Trixie is one of the favorite bets of online gamblers.

The system bet: the patent

The Patent is often the biggest betting system offered by French bookmakers. It is identical to the Trixie, except that you have to add three single bets. It’s a bet that can be reminiscent of non GamStop bookmakers because the player who makes seven correct bets will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

Other System Bets

Players who are passionate about sports betting and especially system betting will quickly hear about legends like the Lucky 15 or the Yankee. Unfortunately, these bets are not available on French online bookmakers. We can say that this kind of system betting requires being a pro in calculations and statistics while mastering the selected sport at your fingertips.

Our opinion on system bets


The freedom of choice is the first advantage of system bets. Players are no longer subject to sports lotto-type grids since it is the bettor who can create his own tailor-made. The offer is more than satisfactory. As we have seen, it is much more advantageous than the combined bet with the addition of a right to error.

By calculating the winnings of the different combinations well, it is possible to always come out a winner even with only two good results on a 2/3 for example.


It requires double mastery. Mastering betting and its calculations, but obviously being able to bet seriously on several results at the same time. It is necessary to keep reason and not look for too strong ribs. Greed is a bad thing.

Our opinion: This is a real asset for punters who want to progress and enrich their betting strategies. It’s an interesting card, but it has to be part of a hand with other choices. For beginners on this type of betting, we advise you to start with 2/3 over a long enough period to fully understand how it works and when to integrate it into your strategy.

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