The Next Dota 2 The International Tournament Will Be Held In Romania

The COVID-19 epidemic appears to be permanently altering people’s ability to move in physical areas. Lockdowns are taking place throughout the world, and severe restrictions are being enforced in public spaces and workplaces, making large-scale gaming events like Dota 2’s The International difficult to arrange.

Valve has already confirmed that the 10th The International will be held in Bucharest, Romania and that supporters will be allowed to physically attend the event as long as they follow a few event regulations.

As the epidemic spreads around the globe, the gaming and geek industries have gradually begun to adapt to the situation. Despite the fact that many video game businesses, such as Warner Bros., have declared production delays, others have managed to continue operations and even prosper in the face of adversity.


The events sector appears to be stepping up the pace as well, with PAX West just putting on a physical event. Given that Dota 2’s TI10 has already been postponed for a year, Valve is understandably keen to delight its fans and hold the event.

Valve revealed on the official Dota 2 website that The International 10 would take place in Bucharest, Romania, in July 2021. Only the event’s actual dates and venue were revealed in the statement, which also stated that the team was looking forward to connecting with the passionate Dota 2 audience and community both digitally and in person.

This might indicate that Valve was planned on having fans physically visit The International 10 at the tournament’s real dates. Valve released ticket sales and event regulations for the next tournament only this September 2021, confirming their goal.


Valve said in a recent article that tickets for The International 10 would go on sale on September 22, 2021. The team had been concerned about the Delta form of COVID-19 and had given it serious thought. Fans of Dota 2 will be able to purchase tickets on a dedicated website, but they must adhere to a few event regulations and criteria. Such criteria include being properly vaccinated and wearing a mask while at the event, comparable to PAX West’s physical event regulations.

Though some fans may object to Valve’s event limitations for The International 10, these may be minor annoyances to bear in order to witness fan-favorite Dota 2 teams compete in the professional season’s largest tournament.

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