Puma Partners With Animal Crossing To Launch Clothing Collection

Since the franchise’s inception on the Nintendo Gamecube, fashion and Animal Crossing have been inextricably linked. Fans have been able to create a plethora of stunning Animal Crossing costumes for their avatars thanks to the series’ custom design editor.

Following the huge popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons since its March debut, one fashion designer has released a new collection of clothes that pays homage to the game’s unique aesthetic.

Since the beginning of the brand, one of the key elements of Animal Crossing has been creativity and personalization. The game’s custom design engine gives players the ability to build their own designs from the ground up, which they may utilize for both fashion and home design.


In the year and a half since its debut, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gotten lots of creative and original suggestions from its legions of admirers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has produced a plethora of incredible costumes, and sportswear manufacturer Puma has taken note.

Puma previously announced their impending partnership with Animal Crossing, and the Puma x Animal Crossing line was finally unveiled today. Animal Crossing branding may be seen on a range of shoes, sandals, tees, and sweatshirts in the collection.

The pastel greens and blues that Animal Crossing: New Horizons utilizes for its logo and several of its in-game fashion options are present in all of the design selections. Adult shoes start at $90 and hoodies start at $80 for the partnership, which includes apparel for both adults and children.

Puma’s latest video game-themed endeavor isn’t the brand’s first entry into the gaming clothing industry, nor is it the company’s first partnership with Nintendo. Puma and Nintendo previously collaborated on NES and Mario-themed sneakers to commemorate the Super Mario Bros. series’ 35th anniversary. Animal Crossing previously teamed up with BlackMilk, an Australian apparel brand, to produce a women’s clothing collection based on the famous game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the franchise’s newest entry, has rapidly become the franchise’s most successful release in its almost two-decade-long existence. The lighthearted life simulation game was universally praised, and it went on to set many sales records for both the brand and Nintendo in general.

New Horizons has prompted some of the Animal Crossing franchise’s most creative fans to produce their own works of art within the game, with Nintendo transforming its ardent followers into sophisticated fashion designers in their own right.

Fans need move quickly to acquire their own island-inspired ensembles, since one kind of shoe included in the Puma x Animal Crossing collection has already sold out.

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