“The Sims” is seemingly the number one simulation game anywhere in the world. But now, it is getting a rival (finally)… in the form of “Life by You.”

Paradox Interactive, the video game company behind this new and upcoming simulation game, has revealed details about it. 

Teased earlier this month, the game is the debut title from Paradox Tectonic, a studio established last 2019 and, interestingly enough, headed by Rod Humble, the former boss of Electronic Arts’ “The Sims” label and the former chief executive officer of “Second Life” creator, Linden Lab.

“Created to be the most moddable and open life simulator,” “Life by You” will allow gamers to create humans and live out their lives in an open world that is free of the loading screen, Paradox Interactive said on Monday. 

A new announcement trailer has also been unveiled, which confirmed that “Life by You” will be available in Early Access starting this September 12th, and costs $39.99 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

“Life by You allows players to design and live out the lives of the humans that they create in an open game world where everything is customizable,” according to Paradox. “Players create their households, build their homes, and tell life’s many stories. With real language conversation and the ability to switch from third-person to direct control gameplay, players will connect with their humans on an emotional level.”

According to the game’s official page on Epic Games, the other things players can do in the game include playing in an open world, expanding their creativity, telling stories through conversations, and so much more.

Humble, Paradox Tectonic’s general manager, also claimed that “the game’s extensive customization tools allow for unparalleled levels of storytelling.”

“Open up a new world of creative possibilities in Life by You. Be in total control of the humans that you create, the towns that you build, the stories that you tell. And oh yes – mods!” the official website stated.

As an Early Access game, they said they look forward to working directly with the players to determine the ideas and content that will drive the priorities in further developing the game before the full launch of “Life by You.”

“We know life is always better with a heavy sprinkle of your imagination, so we’re empowering you with a wide variety of Creator Tools so you can design your lives the way you see fit – or break the rules of life itself. Designed to be one of the most moddable and open life-simulation games, we look forward to the humans, stories, and creations that you’ll make with Life by You,” they added.

“The Sims” is cringing.

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