Verve TV, developed on the Velas blockchain, has recently gained popularity. BlueZilla, a renowned venture capital firm in the cryptocurrency area, has supported the watch-to-earn concept. How did it become a part of the elite portfolio?

Let’s take a closer look at Verve and how it claims to be a game-changer.

What is Verve TV?

Verve is a decentralized streaming solution that aims to revitalize the online content and live-streaming market, which has long been dominated by a few behemoths such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. The project aspires to make a difference by capitalizing on the enormous prospects provided by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. A variety of technologies are available to help content creators better incentivize, reward, recognize, and engage their following.

Verve TV is a platform for content providers

Verve, for starters, allows consumers complete control over their content. This is virtually unheard of in the traditional world, where privacy violations and piracy abound. In the current situation, once you post a piece of content to the internet, you have no control over how it is used. The difficulty of enforcing restrictions feeds these instances, which are discouraging to content creators and owners. Verve employs blockchain technology to give them greater control over their content.

Velas Project Verve Takes Off To Wide Reception - Plato. Vertical Search.  Ai.

Verve intends to implement a completely transparent and minimum commission structure with performance-based rewards. While most existing streaming services offer views-based awards, they are only available to established content creators. On Verve, both professional and amateur creators are considered. They get compensated regardless of where they are or what they publish.

In addition, the platform has several intriguing features that will assist businesses in scaling their expansion with NFTs. On the built-in marketplace, creators can trade their legendary streaming moments as NFTs. It also includes unique creator-specific emoji sets, merchandising, private streaming passes, and other incentives to keep fans interested.

Creators can activate sponsored yield farms on DeFi and allow users to earn a variety of tokens while watching and engaging with the content.

For the audience, there is Verve TV

Without viewers, a streaming platform cannot sustainably grow. It would be especially difficult for a non-curated site such as Verve TV. However, the platform is developing some features that have the potential to give it a competitive advantage in the market.

Like the bitcoin play-to-earn paradigm, Verve presents a watch-to-earn ecosystem in which you are compensated for viewing and interacting with your favorite content. You may also share the material with your friends and receive a multiplier for each person who meets the viewership requirements.

Staking and rewards for VERVE

VERVE is the ecosystem’s native token. On January 20, 2022, Verve IDO was held on BSCPad, GameZone, VelasPad, NFTLaunch, PulsePad, and MetaVPad. It has a total supply of 5B. According to the most recent announcements, staking will soon commence on the platform, with additional benefits on top of APY.

Where can I get a VERVE token?

VERVE tokens can be purchased on PancakeSwap and WagyuSwap. If you’re wondering why, VERVE is working on a number of utilities. You should be able to stake them to boost your watch-to-earn percentage, minimize platform advertisements, and gain access to exclusive early-bird rewards (including badges, NFTs, and bonuses). You may also contribute them to streamers or creators to encourage the creation of content that you want to watch more of.

The Next Steps

Verve is a work-in-progress. Following the completion of the IDO, project development is scheduled to accelerate. The following phases will provide additional features that will make it more appealing to both content creators and viewers, diversify its revenue streams, and increase the utility of VERVE tokens.

Verve has a fresh perspective on the internet content and live-streaming industries. If the project delivers on its promises, it has the potential to attract a large user base.

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