Tips On How To Become More Powerful In Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja follows the same path and learning curve as every other MMORPG. This new mobile game not only has outstanding visuals and performance, but it also has an intriguing battle system with a variety of fun skills and multiple methods to boost your strength. In this tutorial, we’ll go over several tips and methods for improving your character in the game, as well as how to stay safe while annihilating everyone who gets in your way.

Your strength, or rating in this game, is a measure of how far you’ve progressed in Dragon Raja. This number represents the sum of all you’ve done and accomplished thus far in the game. In general, the greater it is, the stronger your character will be. In this regard, while your rating will gradually improve as you finish chapters and solve problems in this game, there are additional methods for you to contribute to its growth.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do to improve your Dragon Raja character:

Mix Abilities Together With Cancel Animations


Dragon Raja’s combat is stiff and not as fluid as in other MMORPGs. Your assaults, with a few exceptions, don’t seem to flow together particularly effectively. Your auto-attack animations are lengthy and sluggish, especially for melee classes.

On the one hand, owing to this rigidity, the battle does not seem as rewarding at first, but on the other hand, it fosters a strategic play style in which you must carefully analyze each move before committing to it, or else suffer when the adversary punishes you with a tremendous strike.

However, using the game’s buffering mechanism to weave skills between your basic strikes, a practice known as animation canceling, is an excellent method to improve your fighting abilities and keep the damage coming.

In a word, this method entails making a skill attack while your character is swinging his weapon. This command will be placed in a queue and executed immediately as soon as your character completes his initial animation, potentially saving you time.

You can keep the pressure up at all times by employing the buffering mechanism and weaving talents in between regular attacks.

Use Your Control Abilities Wisely


While most classes have defensive or evasive talents to keep them out of harm’s way, some of them also have CC abilities that, rather than moving out of the way, incapacitate the adversary and prevent them from fighting back.

As you might expect, a stunned or knocked down adversary can’t fight back and is vulnerable to attack. As a result, it’s important to keep track of your talents that have extra control effects and make good use of them. A solid CC may enable your squad to effortlessly take out swarms of foes, especially in dungeons and group content.

Utilize Strafing Every Time


While buffering skills between strikes is a wonderful technique to maintain the pressure on when confronting the adversary, it won’t assist if you’re continually getting crushed and interrupted. Yes, stringing combinations and striking the adversary is key, but you must also avoid getting hit if you want to survive the toughest battles.

Fortunately, avoiding opposing strikes is largely a matter of remaining mobile at all times, which you may easily achieve simply by moving in one direction while striking. It’s a good idea to turn on the option to keep the camera fixed on the adversary when attacking since this will keep you concentrated on your opponent while you do laps around him. This option may be found in the options menu, under the “Battle” tab—it’s the first choice on this page.

Use Dodging Effectively


Even if you’re moving while fighting, you’ll occasionally need to get out of the path extremely quickly to keep safe and dodge strikes.

If you’ve been playing Dragon Raja for a while, you’ve probably noticed that your movement speed is fairly slow, especially when compared to other MMORPGs where you may whiz over the battlefield at breakneck speed. As a result, evading attacks and harmful AoEs is difficult, particularly given the lengthy attack animations mentioned previously. In this case, rather than manually moving out of harm’s path, you should try to employ your dodge talent, which is tied to your Shift key by default.

Keep in mind that, like standard abilities, you can buffer your dodges so that you may perform an evasive move as soon as your current animation is complete. This is ideal for exploiting a vulnerability and then quickly escaping danger.

By combining these Dragon Raja fighting tips and techniques into your gaming, you’ll be able to not only strengthen your character and raise their rating but you’ll also be able to punish your adversaries while avoiding their assaults.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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