Unrevealed Zynga Star Wars Mobile Game Releasing This Year

According to a recent earnings call, there is a new and upcoming Star Wars game arriving sometime this year. Developer Zynga has disclosed the release window for its forthcoming Star Wars mobile game.

Zynga is popular for experiences tailored towards social interaction such as Words with Friends and Farmville. Recently, the company revealed that it had begun developing a mobile game set in the Star Wars universe.

Since there is a new Lucasfilm Games brand, various video game developers have teased new Star Wars games. While Zynga’s game is slated for mobile devices, it will be one of the first to debut under this banner.


The information came from an earnings report to investors after a significant Zynga stock jump last year. Located deep in the document are several details about this upcoming mobile installment. The statement describes that the soft release will start this summer, with a full launch before this year ends.

If the team commits to this deadline, fans can look forward to some kind of beta or demo of the game coming out in the middle of the year. This will possibly determine the popularity of the game, as well as any enhancements that may prove to be necessary.

While the specifics about the game are still lacking, it seems like players will learn more about it sooner rather than later. Frank Gibeau, CEO of Zynga, revealed in a Q&A the status of their upcoming Star Wars game.

Allegedly, there will be more news for the title during the first half of 2021. Lately, the company opened a studio in Austin, Texas as it prepared to create the new Star Wars experience. With this upgrade, Zynga promises to bring high-quality gameplay and visuals to the mobile platform.


The debut of Lucasfilm Games was a huge deal because of the opportunities it now brings to the table. For example, Ubisoft is currently building an open-world Star Wars game as well. While a lot of fans are waiting for this game to be revealed, a mobile title proves that Star Wars experiences are going to be diverse. With a myriad of social games in its collection, it will be exciting to see how Zynga’s attempt at the sci-fi franchise pans out.

Obviously, a few fans may be skeptical of a new mobile game for Star Wars. With numerous titles already released, another game on the mobile platform could easily get lost in the crowd. In addition, it is possible the experience will have controversial microtransactions possibly frustrating fans.

As one of the first games launching under the Lucasfilm Games brand, the forthcoming title has a lot to prove. Nonetheless, it appears like players will get to check out the new game during the soft release this summer.

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