Tokyo Game Show 2020 Schedule: Everything You Need to Know About the Event’s Biggest Presentations

Fans of Japanese games are excited this week as the Tokyo Game Show 2020 will resume via a live streaming showcase beginning September 23 until September 27, 2020. During the event, Japanese developers such as Sega, Bandai Namco, and Capcom will introduce some of their most anticipated games.

We can guarantee that fans will want to hear new details about Monster Hunter Rise and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Fans who would want to join the festivities can check the Tokyo Game Show schedules below.

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Tokyo Game Show 2020 Schedule

The Tokyo Game Show is a 5-day showcase full of Japanese game developers showcasing in their dedicated time slots. Fans can tune in at the opening ceremonies at 7 AM EST on September 24. After presentations from Lightning Games, the Nier development group, and Xbox, the Tokyo Game Show will end at 10:50 AM on September 24, 2020.


On day two, the celebration will start with an Organizer’s Program at 10 PM EST on September 24. The second day will be composed of 14 presentations including ones from Capcom and Sega which will end at 12:50 EST of September 25, 2020

The third day will start at 9 PM EST of September 25 and will feature presentations from Koei Tecmo, Konami, and a lot more before it ends at 11:50 AM of September 26, 2020.

The last two days of the Tokyo Game Show will feature presentations from PUBG Corp and Bandai Namco. It will begin at 9 PM EST of September 26 before the Tokyo Game Show finally concludes at 11:50 AM of September 27, 2020.

How to Watch TGS 2020


Since the TGS event is based outside Japan, most of these presentations will happen during peculiar hours for fans living in the US. The presentation will be available through the Tokyo Game Show official YouTube channel.

Because the presentation will happen in bizarre hours and the fact that most of the features will only be available in Japanese, it’s best for foreign fans to wait for official videos to be uploaded in English. In most cases, waiting for a next-day summary will be the best option.

Capcom TGS 2020 Schedule

Capcom has a few exciting upcoming games such as Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise, and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Luckily, the company posted via its Capcom unity blog when exactly fans can watch their presentation on TGS 2020.


They suggest watching their opening program at 8 AM EST of September 24, a Street Fighter V: Special Edition Showcase at 8:10 AM, and an introductory presentation for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 at 8:50 EST of September 26.

Capcom will also have a showcase on September 27 starting with an opener at 8:00 AM along with a Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition feature at 8:05 AM as well as a Resident Evil Village introduction at 8:40 AM.

Capcom is one of the confirmed developers that will be presenting in English. Their presentation will also be streamed simultaneously on the company’s official Twitch Channel.


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