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It is indeed crucial to keep track of your heart health. When you regularly monitor your cardiovascular health, you will avoid cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, and more. 

However, with the rising costs of healthcare and hospitalization, you will not always have the resources or the finances to consult with a doctor or a cardiologist. Fortunately, technology makes it possible for people to keep their heart rate in check without spending too much money on it. All you need to do is to download the right app. 

What are the best heart rate monitor apps in this day and age? We will take a look at them in this article. 

PulsePoint Respond

This fantastic app to check heart rate is thoughtfully designed to help community members in helping each other throughout emergencies such as cardiac arrests, fires, and more. This app is connected to the emergency number 911 and generates alerts. It informs people if another user requests help like cardiopulmonary resuscitations or CPRs. You may also choose to get notified about events such as flooding, fires, and more. Currently, PulsePoint Respond is available in thousands of cities to support various communities across the United States. 

FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Created by MotiFIT Fitness Inc., FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor is an app that lets you check your pulse rate for better health. This app uses sensors to track heart rates and pulses. Popular brands such as Fitbit, Spotify, Strava, and more support this app to improve its efficiency and accuracy. You can install the heart rate app for Android and iOS for free, and enjoy its various features.

Heart Rate Plus: Pulse Monitor

Thankfully, Heart Rate Plus: Pulse Monitor, like several other apps on this list, is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is rated quite high by users who have used the platform before. 

This free-to-use heart rate monitoring app works with iPhones, and uses a camera to check your heart rate and monitor your pulses. You can also save generated reports in the form of graphics, quick notes, and so much more with different tags as per your preference in the heart rate tracker app itself. 

This heart rate app also analyzes and provides users with a real-time graph. You can purchase the pro tier from the heart rate tracker app itself to remove the ads if you want to.

Cormeum: Track Heart Health

Created by Ginkgo Heart LLC, the Cormeum: Track Heart Health app is designed to target health failure issues. More so, this app also keeps track of the person’s heart health to predict any possible danger that they may face. This is one of the best heart rate monitor apps that also has the capability to prepare a graph and provide important alerts. These charts are always accessible to users. The app also keeps tabs on whether you have taken your medications and in what doses. With one tap, you can easily share your health data with any expert you want. Sounds incredible? Download it now. 

Welltory: Heart-Rate Monitor

Welltory: Heart-Rate Monitor is a heart rate app used by millions of users across the globe to keep their health in check. One of the best fitness apps, it is free and comes with all the critical features that you need. It supports up to 120 apps and gadgets to provide its users with smart heart reports. This app is also the perfect companion if you want to check your heart rate by using only your iPhones and Android gadgets.

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker is available for installation not only for iOS and Android users but also for users of Windows devices. This works with iPhones to check your heart rate through the camera. The app provides you with wave charts to showcase your heartbeats.

Believe it or not, the app has around 35 million users worldwide and has been featured in top news agencies like CNN, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, and so much more.  

The app can export your results in 10 seconds, relatively faster than any hospital can. But of course, it does not discount the fact you should always check with your doctor. To continue, the app also offers subscription services according to its tenures, like monthly or annually. Prices of the subscriptions vary.


We love how these heart health apps can get witty and creative with their names. Kardia is one of the best Android and iOS heart rate monitor apps that measure your heartbeats. This app can be installed on your Android or iOS smartphones. 

However, Kardia works with an additional device. It requires you to place your fingers on it, and it records your heartbeat, blood pressure, and more for 30 seconds. 

In case of irregularities or special conditions, the app also provides you with assistance on the next steps that you should take.

Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor

You can install Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor, among the best workout apps, to check your heart rate on your iPhones and Android smartphones to keep your daily wellness on track. If you work out regularly, this app can provide you with in-depth workout data that you can analyze anytime. The app also has a unique feature that lets you share your heart data with app owners to help them use it for scientific research. Superb, isn’t it?


Cardiio is among the best heart rate apps for iPhones that use camera sensors to detect the user’s pulse. However, to use this heart rate monitoring app for iPhone, you need to open the Android Bluetooth heart rate monitor app and cover the device’s camera with your finger. The heart rate app will use sensors to read your pulses and provide you with the result. 

It has been rated high by users. It has also been featured as among the best heartbeat apps by various newspapers and TV channels. Some of them are ABC News, PCMag, CBS, and more.

Qardio Heart Health

If you have doubts about whether heart rate apps are accurate, this Qardio Heart Health app answers your question. It is available for Android and Apple gadgets. It helps you keep track of your health by using your smartphone’s camera. The heart monitor app only takes 30 seconds to provide you with the results. 

What’s more, Qardio allows you to measure your blood pressure according to the locations where you travel each day. For example, it tracks your heartbeats and blood pressure at your office, home gym, and more. 

When you keep track of your heart rate, you can have a good insight not only into your heart health in general but also your fitness level and emotional health. Doctors say many people nowadays are walking around with a resting heart rate that is too high because of factors like too much caffeine, inactivity, dehydration, and persistent stress. 

So we got the best heart rate monitoring apps to help you out. We have carefully reviewed each of these healthcare apps before listing them here. You can pick any option you can find suitable and download them for your iOS or Android gadgets. 

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