Your Honda CRF230 has a fascinating history behind its production. As a successor to Honda’s XR bikes, the CRF230 is a user-friendly bike made for motocross with the right balance reliability, power, suspension and ground clearance. Proper maintenance is a top priority, but so is customizing your bike to meet your specific riding needs. Thankfully, you don’t have to guess which aftermarket parts for Honda CRF230 are right for your goals. With this quick guide, you can add three useful mods to your CRF230.

UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter

There’s one key detail that most bikers figure out after they start riding. Air intake and exhaust are key factors that affect engine performance. Stock filters don’t always deliver enough airflow, so many riders swap them out for aftermarket versions. For the CRF230, the UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter is a great choice. Highly rated by riders, the UNI Multi-Stage filter features a two-stage construction. The outer layer traps larger debris while the smaller inner is made up of fine pores that screen out dirt and grit. The result is a reusable filter that boosts airflow, fits effortlessly in a stock airbox and is easy to clean and oil.

FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On With Spark Arrestor

Intake and exhaust modifications often go hand in hand. Together, they help a bike’s engine “breathe” better and gain more power. The FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On With Spark Arrestor is also highly rated by riders, thanks to its sturdy construction and dependable performance. Its construction consists of stainless steel aluminum with cross-weave internal packing, round perforated steel inner cores, a Hi-Flo end cap, and a screen-type spark arrestor. With all these features, the PowerCore 4 increases exhaust flow while dispersing sound and preventing flammable materials from escaping.

BBR Heavy Duty Fork Springs

The CRF230 already has good suspension, but you may need to adjust its response based on your weight. Many dirt bike models have suspensions tuned for riders weighing between 160 and 180 pounds. If you’re heavier than this, you could need stiffer fork springs. Made from high-quality spring steel, BBR’s Heavy Duty Fork Springs are ideal for older CRF230 models and are up to 30% stiffer than stock versions.

A Few Words About Riding Gear

While you’re seeking mods for your CRF230, don’t neglect to gear up. You need a few essential riding apparel items when you’re suiting up: a full-face helmet and dirt bike boots, pants, jersey, goggles, gloves, and knee braces. It’s also a good idea to include elbow guards, a neck brace and body armor for extra crash protection. Most reputable Powersports parts dealers offer high-quality trail-ready motorcycle riding gear on sale.

Finding a trustworthy Powersports parts retailer is also important when you’re shopping for aftermarket mods, OEM components, or any other gear you need. Some dealers stock inventory for motorcycles, watercraft, and even winter recreation vehicles. With their extensive product selections, you’ll find everything from oil filters to snowmobile women’s riding gear and accessories. Look for a retailer with great shipping options, easy online shopping, and an experienced and responsive customer service team.