Numerous slot games are themed on different things such as sports, video games, movies, etc. Some of these slots are popular because they are the best and others are the best because they are famous. Video game themes have been predominant in many casinos; video slot games are available in online casinos globally and have taken video game gambling and gaming to a new feat. Online slot machines are exciting, especially when they are themed slot machines.

A lot of slot themes might be appealing and spectacular. Still, below, you have presented the 5 best video game-themed slots. Your opinion might differ as you may have your individual and subjective preferences. Still, it is undeniable that the games presented below are exciting, peculiar, and rewarding. Let us check them out.

Call of Duty

The modern warfare slot is a breath-taking video game themed slot based on the action game featuring international operatives and freedom fighters, breaching the Middle East’s European flags and danger zones. The theme of the game revolves around the original game. A static jackpot of up to $100 will keep players enthralled; only a few casino games provide such luxury. This game has a 5-reel configuration with 25 lines. The gambling setup is reliable, and with the bonus round, players can win by shooting enemies.

Like other games, wilds scatters, and extra spins are also present.

Hitman Slot

Hitman slot is a 5-reel, 15 paylines, 300-coin slot-machine Microgaming game. This slot can be played for money. The multiple play lines and expanding wild massively increase your likelihood for victory; it has an RTP of 95%. Gamers can score up to 270000 coins in the reward round. The gamers can choose their targets and weapons, which directly influence the outcomes, so your choice matters a lot.

The slot is fascinating and full of suspense as you wait for one of three bonuses to be triggered. It has configurable win lines and is available on Mobile devices and computers. Although it is not popular, it is spectacular. The famed PC game inspires the same name; the visual details are pretty impeccable, even though it’s not at the most optimal level, although this can be blamed on its age.

The gameplay is slow, but the rewards will make up for this, and the peculiarities will contribute to the gameplay. Gamers can bet anywhere from $0.15 up to 75$ per spin. The highest pay comes from the Hitman symbols, while the biggest thrill can come in the contract reward. The Wild-Symbol in the game can only lead to 2, 3, and 4-reels. When the wildlands are on a reel, it will expand to cover the entire reel. The Insignia symbols can land on reels 1, 2, 3; when this happens, the gamer will need to choose one of the Insignia characters, a player can score 6,000 coins.

Resident Evil

The Resident-Evil franchise has spawned comic books, TV shows and video games that have inspired slot titles. The movie is based on a zombie apocalypse, a dystopian world where only the fittest survives. It is undeniable that Resident-Evil games have been considered masterpieces countlessly.

In this slot title, all you have to do is spin the reel; the game embodies the scary characteristics of the movie. The layout is a 5 x 20, and all the symbols are present always; if the game does not scare you, you stand a chance of winning big by playing this video game themed slot. If you want to get a complete idea of this masterpiece, experience it yourself and try this slot.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider slot game

The tomb raider slot machine is a video game slot machine based on the famous action-adventure Tomb Raider. This slot gives you an exciting feel through its elegant features, like how it begins with a mini-movie showing Lara hurdling over obstacles and shooting enemies. The game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines that contain symbols related to the video games, including Lara croft herself. Thanks to the scatter feature that awards eight free spins, you can enjoy 80 hands without spending a nickel.

Street Fighter Slot

In this street-themed game, you play for the thrill. The best online casino suggests that NetEnt provides a combination of familiar characters with smooth features, a peculiar free bonus, and so on. The provider implemented Cluster Pays mode, playable on a 5X5 grid. When you match three characters vertically or horizontally, the valance feature will be initiated in the base game, and winning clusters will make an opportunity for new icons, fighters combat with reel modifiers, and may place up to 7 Wilds.

To score bigger, gamers depend upon the Car Smash Bonus and the Beat the Boss accessible mode. If this isn’t captivating enough, the unlimited spins and jackpots should lure you.


We’ve had quite a lengthy discussion, illustrating the peculiarities that make the best slot-games the best. The above are the best because they combine thrill and a solid likelihood for victory in their fundamental setup; some of these slots have been in the industry longer than others, but their ability to survive time shows how outstanding they are. These masterpieces are indeed masterpieces. If you haven’t tried any of the above slot-games, what are you waiting for?

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