Solitaire games are a good way to unwind and have fun without needing the company of anyone. That’s why it’s named Solitaire because it can be played alone. The card game dates back to the 90s as one of the first card games to be included in the Microsoft software and its popularity exploded across the world via the platform.

There are different types of Solitaire games out there with similarities and some striking features as well that distinguishes them.

If you are looking for a free Solitaire game to enjoy, there are lots of options to pick from but we’ve skinned down the list to just a few. This will help you to gain access to the best assortment of Solitaire games out there.

So here we go…..

Our top 5 Solitaire Games are;

1. Klondike

2. Spider

3. Free Cell

4. Tri Peaks and

5. Pyramid

1. Klondike

This is one of the most popular types of the Solitaire game. It’s so popular, sometimes it’s commonly referred to as Classic Solitaire. It traces its origin from the Klondike region of Canada far back in the 19th century and became vastly popular after being included in the Microsoft Windows 3.0 version.

How it’s played

Klondike is a game of 52 cards on a deck. The mission is to arrange them by suit beginning from the Ace down to King. The arrangement is done on the empty spaces known as foundations. You deal out 28 cards in seven piles with the first pile having one card, the second pile two, and so on till it gets to the seventh pile.

All the cards are facing down except the top most card in each pile. Sequences are built to access the hidden bottom cards and they are built-in descending order from the King to the Ace. Only Kings are permitted to move into empty areas of the tableau, while the rest cards are part of the stockpile.

2. Spider

spider solitaire is another popular Solitaire game and is themed after the 8 legs of a spider. The game involves building 8 foundations before victory is won.

How to Play

Spider Solitaire is a two-card deck game that comes with varying difficulty levels. Some can permit you to play with one or more suits. It’s more difficult when two or more suits are involved. The game area is similar to that of Klondike with the stockpile, foundations, and piles.

The aim of the game is to arrange sequences in a suit inside the piles beginning with the King and ending with the Ace. The stockpile is a reserve of cards.

3. Free Cell

FreeCell is also similar to Klondike but more challenging. However, it is the most solvable type with an over 99% chance of winning.

How to Play

There’s only one deck in FreeCell and the cards are dealt into seven piles with no stock pile available. The cards are revealed to the player and the goal is to arrange them in the foundations by suit. Just like Klondike, the sequences are built by suit in ascending order within the foundations. The descending order is for alternating colors within the piles in the game area as you sequence cards.

FreeCell is unique because of the four free spaces in the game area known as the free cells. Cards are placed into these free spaces to help move cards in the tableau. If a card is in a free cell, it can only be brought to play by adding it to the foundation, or by placing it in the tableau under a card one that is of the opposite color and one ranks higher.

4. Tri-Peaks

TriPeaks is named after the three pyramid peaks created by the cards in the game area. So it can also be called three peaks or triple peaks.

The game was created just before the start of the 19th century and has a win rate of 90%.

How to Play

Just like the Klondike, it’s a 52-card deck game but the cards are arranged like a pyramid in four rows. The foundation of each pyramid has four cards that are revealed to the player while the rest are turned face down. The rest of the cards are part of the stockpile.

The purpose of the game is to clear the card from the pyramid game area. This is done by creating sequences of cards with one point higher or lesser than the previous card irrespective of the suit. So a card of 4 can either build with 3 or 5.

Every card removed from the pyramid is sent to a discard pile. Now the top card of this pile becomes the base for the next set and when all moves have been exhausted, a card from the stockpile can be picked and a different card can be sent to the discard pile which will be to help clear the cards.

5. Pyramid

Just like a true pyramid, this type of Solitaire game is arranged in stacks on the game area. It’s one of the hardest games to win because of the varying ways that the cards can be positioned in the game area. You need to be strategic to win the games.

How to Play

28 cards are arranged and resemble a pyramid in shape. All the cards are face forward and only uncovered cards can be used to play. With a rule that allows you to touch the stockpile only once, it becomes extremely difficult to win.

The aim is to clear the pyramid by pairing cards that will be equal to 13 in total no matter the suit. So a player can only draw one card at a time from the stockpile and try to find a match for it on the pyramid. Hence, the winning probability depends on the number of times you are allowed to withdraw from the stockpile.

Where to play solitaire games

These solitaire games are fun and challenging. We recommend the following places to play them:

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