9 Top-Performing Scout Rifles In Destiny 2

Scout rifles in Destiny 2 are in an inconvenient place. In the original Destiny, this once-great arm form was a must-have. It was a spiritual sequel to Halo’s DMR, but with a lot more range and promise due to some genuinely fantastic Legendary and Exotic choices.

Scout rifles, on the other hand, have been abandoned in Destiny 2 and with each subsequent seasonal change. From the same size, hand cannons will do more damage. Few sniper rifles and pulse rifles can also be used as scout rifles because they are quicker and more precise.

Beyond Light added a target assist adjustment to scout rifles, making them more useful when shooting from long distances. With Season of the Chosen on the horizon, another scout rifle buff might (hopefully) be slipped in elsewhere.

To stop being bodied by a shotgun-wielding Protector from ten feet away, or helplessly watching a highly protected Servitor recover all of its fitness, players must first find out which ones are worth using.

Having said that, there are still some excellent alternatives available. So, which scout rifles in Destiny 2 are the best?

Nameless Midnight


Apart from its numbers, Nameless Midnight is favored by players due to its high rate of fire and accuracy. Furthermore, Nameless Midnight makes up for its lack of gun stability with a long reload period. As a result, PVE players searching for a powerful Scout Weapon can rely on Nameless Midnight to dispatch mobs quickly and effectively.

Nameless Midnight also arrives with an Explosive Payload. This perk allows players to shoot this Scout Rifle from a distance without reducing its base impact. Players can be able to meet a few enemies from afar or even as they come fairly close to them.

Royal Chase


Royal Chase is a Precision Frame Void Scout Rifle that was launched in Season of the Hunt and comes with some impressive perks. Multikill Clip and Dragonfly are just a few of the great features available to this gun.

Complete Auto Trigger System and Tresh, a bonus that gives Super energy from weapon kills, are arguably the best rolls players can get in PvE. On Warlocks, this works particularly well with Nezarec’s Sin or Verity’s Brow. Unfortunately, the Precision Frame of this firearm prevents it from being a true top-tier choice in pinnacle PvE material.

Black Scorpion-4sr


This is a scout rifle with the ability to shoot in full auto mode. Its TTK is only surpassed by its stablemate Contingency Plan when precision shots are landed. The improvement in movement speed when on ADS, which combines wonderfully with above-average stability to allow players to produce seemingly endless critical hits, is what elevates Black Scorpion-4sr.

It excels in close-quarters action, making it ideal for agile players who want to get right in the thick of things, as well as locking down a wandering Super going straight for players.

MIDA Multi-Tool


The MIDA Multi-Tool can be relied on by players who want an all-around Scout Rifle to make PVE much simpler in all builds. Players can score precise shots much easier thanks to the game’s large target aid. Although the Multi-Tool isn’t as effective as other Scout Rifles of higher range and caliber, it’s a solid Scout Rifle if players are not looking for a Scout Rifle-centric design.

Furthermore, the always-on radar gives it a significant edge when navigating charts. Before they get a better Scout Rifle, players without unique builds will rely on the Multi-Tool for most raids.

The Guiding Sight


Season of the Chase sees the return of Iron Banner’s Guiding Sight Scout Rifle, along with a new range of advantages. One for All, Iron Grip, and Iron Gaze are only a couple of the perks available on this pistol.

In PvE, Rapid Hit and One For All are excellent perk options, giving players a 35 percent damage boost after hitting three targets for ten seconds. The Guiding Sight should have no trouble taking on tougher red bar rivals, given that it is a High-Impact Frame.

Polaris Lance


Scout rifles were supplemented by the Polaris Lance. A weapon optimized for mid-to-long-range attacks that reward precision. Land four precise hits in a row and the opponents will be thrown off balance with a slight AoE blast. It normally rolls with Zen Moment, which improves accuracy when they do damage and allows them the power to use Dragonfly after they’ve Masterworked it.

The fact that it’s so conventional has always left it out in the cold, but considering Bungie’s lack of emphasis on scout rifle upgrades, it holds up remarkably well. Keep it on hand to help players take down big foes without fear of being hurt.

Oxygen SR3


The Oxygen SR3 scout rifle has a vertical recoil pattern that is predictable, and it comes with the Meganeura bonus, which increases Dragonfly’s damage depending on the number of accuracy hits it makes. It’s a Pinnacle weapon from Zavala on the tower, with good target assist, effects, and range. To receive it, players must complete 1000 Precision final blows, 500 orbs of Fire, and many Strikes and Nightfalls.

Night Watch


Players with DPS builds will depend on Night Watch to clear mobs out quicker, allowing the squad to move around small spaces. Lightweight Frame allows Guardians with Night Watch to travel more easily in battle, enabling them to reposition more quickly. Furthermore, Explosive Payload creates AOE blasts that will quickly clear mobs.

As a result, Night Watch is an outstanding tool for survival builds. Hunters and other DPS groups can run even quicker to avoid attacks while still being able to counter with precise kills.

Eternal Blazon


Eternal Blazon has the sound of a Destiny 1 Scout Rifle, capable of taking down targets at long ranges with little effort. It can be used with a range of scopes, has a wonderful stat kit that makes landing headshots a breeze, and the perk pool on this gun is a sight to behold.

This gun’s Rapid Hit and Kill Clip is a good all-around roll. Rapid Hit’s stabilization buff makes this gun a joy to use in crowded battles, and Kill Clip’s bonus damage allows Eternal Blazon to one-tap most rank and file enemies with ease. With Overflow and One for All, you can even have a roll. One for All is especially helpful in pinnacle material, where killing a target isn’t always possible. Eternal Blazon is one of Destiny 2’s finest Scout Rifles with the right roll.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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