Top Skyrim Illusion Spells Players Need To Acquire

For those with the patience to learn it, the school of illusion is a very strong one. It will help you walk through Skyrim without ever having to fight an opponent. Or, better yet, it will sway your opponents into looking after each other for you, making it the ideal tool for players who like playing mind games with their opponents.

If you want to learn how to become an illusion wizard, I’ve assembled a list of the top 15 illusion spells for you to review. Keep in mind that this list focuses on spells only on their own merits, but even though certain spells can be combined to make a more effective effect, this list shows them based on how useful they are on their own, leaving the combination of their strength up to your imagination and play style.



This Skyrim spell can be used starting at the novice level. This spell may be purchased from merchants such as Lucan Valerius and Drevis Neloren, or found in chests. It’s also available from Court Wizards and general good merchants. This spell displays the route to the next or closest objective.

For example, if players are working on several quests at the same time and use this spell. It will show them the way to the quest that is closest to them, or the quest that is coming up next. The spell works by illuminating a course for players to follow.



Illusion can do a variety of things, from frightening opponents to raising their morale. Rally gives those within its range a fitness and endurance lift, as well as rendering them fearless.

When used on companions or a small army of warriors, Rally is awesome, and it’s especially helpful when doing the Skyrim Civil War questline. The health and endurance bonuses are just 25 points each, but a minor boost may often be enough to turn the tide of war. In nearly any way, this is a safer option than Courage because it impacts a small region rather than a single goal.

Call to Arms


Call to Arms is the greatest weapon for those who play for fans. With Call to Arms, your allies will gain not only significant health and endurance boosts, but they will also become more deadly in battle. This can be particularly useful in more complicated fighting conditions. However, since this is one of Skyrim’s master illusion spells, it isn’t worth it if this is the only illusion spell you want to use.



Fury is a perfect spell for newcomers to the game because it is accessible at the Novice Level. For 30 seconds, it allows you the right to unleash attacks on something in the vicinity. When compared to all the demoralizing spells, it’s a low-level version of frenzy. High Elves don’t need to practice this spell because they already know how to use it. It is suitable for use at all levels, from novice to level 6.



Pacify is the most effective spell you can use to deter NPCs from attacking you. Despite the fact that Pacify has a master variant, the ability to dual-cast Pacify renders it statistically better than Harmony. Without bonuses, Pacify operates on monsters up to level 20, stopping any creature or human affected from attacking you.

If you’re battling too tough enemies but need to collect a quest object, Pacify will help you sprint through the area quickly and get the item before the enemies retaliate. Its 60-second period adds to the appeal of this game.

Frenzy Rune


This is a fun little twist on the Frenzy spell, except instead of making a rune on the surface, it generates a rune for opponents to walk on. The only drawback is that you can only cast one at a time; however, it is strong enough to impact enemies of level twenty or below for up to thirty seconds, making it an excellent trap.

Making enemies pursuing you down a dungeon start battling between themselves as you make your great escape is an excellent option. After completing the From The Ashes quest from the Dragonborn DLC, you must purchase the Spell Tome for this Adept spell from Talvas Fathryon.


The Muffle spell is a good alternative for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, this is the spell you will use to easily level up your illusion spell tree—just walk around and cast Muffle, and the tree can level up in no time.

But that’s not the only thing it’s good for. It has the potential to be one of Skyrim’s best illusion spells with the right construction. Muffle muffles your footsteps, which can come in handy if you’re playing as a stealth rogue who strikes from the shadows.

When you combine this spell with Calm and Backstabbing, you can easily dispatch whole bandit camps or monster lairs. Just note to double the length of Muffle by casting it twice.



This is the perfect Illusion spell for stealth attacks in Skyrim. It allows you the right to disappear into the background, leaving your opponents oblivious of your existence. Per time you cast this spell, you’ll gain 30 seconds of invisibility.

When you dual cast, the time is extended to 75 seconds. It’s important to note that dual casting is slightly more successful than casting with both hands separately. Furthermore, dual casting increases the spell’s potency by 10%. However, since this spell is only usable at the Professional level, it is difficult to acquire.

Vampire’s Seduction

Vampire’s Seduction, like other soothing spells, allows opponents less offensive against the player, ending battle and encouraging dialogue. This spell seems to be weaker than most other soothing spells because it has a level scale of 10 or below.

Vampire’s Seduction, on the other hand, excels at allowing Vampire characters to prey on calmed people who are influenced by the spell. If you need to reduce your Vamparism degree before going outside into the sunshine, use Vampire’s Seduction to manipulate a target and feed on them right there. Non-vampires will benefit from that as well, as it gives them time to replenish their strength before battle again.


Steam Community :: Screenshot :: The calm spell does work on Fultheim  though.

Allow your enemies to relax by having them sheathe their arms for thirty seconds as you prepare for your escape or next effective attack. If you choose to escape confrontations, this Apprentice-level spell can come in handy early on in the session.

Although certain enemies faced early in the game will be affected by this spell, more powerful enemies (for example, guards) may not be affected due to the spell’s specific strength level. This spell tome can be bought from Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor, or Farengar Secret-Fire.



Hysteria is one of the most powerful illusion spells available. This spell is not available for purchase. To obtain it, you must first complete Drevis Neloren’s quest for Illusion Ritual Spell. It isn’t easy because you must have a score of 90 or higher in illusion to count. When you cast this charm, all of your enemies are scared away for 60 seconds. Since charging the spell takes about 3 seconds, it can only be cast with two hands. This spell is effective up to the game’s level 25.


Mayhem is also another effective spell that allows almost all targets up to level 25 to strike anything they see for 60 seconds. This works on someone or something, friend or foe. Mayhem, unlike Fury, has a ridiculously wide field of influence. To put it in context, casting this in Whiterun’s center would cover almost the whole area, save for the top of Dragonsreach and the city’s entrance.

When such perks are selected, the level range of this spell expands to the point that all enemies except Dragons must battle anything they come across. If you’re short of supplies and need to clear a dungeon, merely cast Mayhem and the dungeon can clear itself.



This spell geared for apprentice magicians helps you to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies as soon as the spell is performed, making it the most simple weapon in an illusionist’s arsenal.

Unfortunately, it only works on creatures of level nine, which means that while it is a powerful weapon, it quickly loses its effectiveness as you progress through more difficult quests. If you really want it this early in the game, you can get it from all of the normal suspects.



The name alone gives away the effect of this illusion spell. Harmony is a state of mind in which people live in harmony with one another. About the same way, this illusion spell works. Both animals and people lay down their weapons when this spell is cast and harmony reigns for 60 seconds.

All modes of violence are forbidden in this illusion spell. This spell is only available as a reward. To begin, go to the College of Winterhold and look for the Master spellbooks. You must be at least stage 100 in delusion for this to happen. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use this illusion spell.



If you and your companions are being surrounded by enemy forces, you will empower them with this spell, which removes terror and doubt from their minds for sixty seconds and restores their sense of valor.

It also comes with a minor improvement of fitness and endurance. Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor, or Farengar Secret-Fire will sell you this spell. If you don’t want to spend gold on it, this tome can also be found for free in Treva’s Watch.



If you choose not to engage in combat, this spell is fantastic for clearing a way without having to take your sword out of its sheath. When you cast Rout, enemies of level twenty or below will flee the fight for thirty seconds, giving you plenty of time to flee as well. This spell can be obtained from Drevis Neloren, Master of Illusion at the College of Winterhold.

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