If you frequently dine in fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s (as there seems to be no other choice if you want to save your money), you might be taken aback by the increasing food prices from these restaurants. Yes, these fast-food chains are also affected by inflation, you know. 

But, if there really is no better choice for you, you might want to head to China, where McDonald’s foods are insanely cheap. 

This is what May5w, a Korean streamer, noticed when she did a stream featuring McDonald’s China. She said a bucket of chicken, four drinks, four burgers, fries, and pies are all for just, brace yourself, $10. Here’s the story. 


McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast-food chains worldwide, is currently facing a boycott as customers instead choose to patronize other eateries such as Chili’s and Taco Bell. The boycott is a protest against the fast-food chain’s increasingly expensive prices. 

In some areas, McDonald’s charges $18 for a Big Mac combo, leaving diners frustrated despite the CEO’s promise to deliver affordability. 


But, it seems it only takes some real effort and searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is precisely what Korean Twitch streamer May5w did. May5w has around 26,000 followers on the platform as of press time.

In one of her In Real Life (IRL) broadcasts, she was in China with her friends when they saw a McDonald’s advertisement that completely stunned them. 

“Look at this! Oh my god!” May5w’s friend exclaimed. “This is only [$10]! You get a bucket of chicken, four drinks, four burgers, fries, and pies? That’s crazy cheap!”

According to Mobile Cuisine, a website that shares the menu of various restaurants, four drinks, four burgers, a pack of fries, and pies cost around $18. 


May5w’s streamer, of course, and obviously, sparked some debate in the online community. 

One aside, “Just got a large fry yesterday in America, and it cost like $4.50. We get ripped off here, tbh.”

Another said they once craved McDonald’s but changed their mind after seeing the heavy prices.

“There’s one good positive for inflation,” they stated.

Others argue that McDonald’s prices are cheap in China because the restaurant is trying to compete with KFC, which is, interestingly, more popular in China than McDonald’s.

“The reason is because KFC is the best-selling fast food chain in China, and they want to emulate KFC to boost sales,” they posted.

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