Russian cryptocurrency exchange Latoken’s Twitter account was recently the victim of a security breach. The hacker took over the exchange’s account, posting tweets implying that Latoken is a scam. The tweet, which has since been deleted, claimed that the exchange promotes “scam IEOs” and is deceitful to its users.


The hacker changed Latoken’s Twitter profile photo into a scam warning image, while they also changed the account’s bio section into “LATOKEN is the leading SCAM platform!” Using the exchange’s Twitter as a platform, the hacker claimed that Latoken didn’t treat their employees properly and would fire them for no apparent reason.

It seems that the hacker has a lot of scathing things to say about the crypto exchange, as they accused it of scamming users of their money, promising a growth rate of 100%-500% without actually delivering on its promise. The hacker also said that Latoken founder Valentin Preobrazhensky was a “liar” and a “face seller.”

Latoken’s official Twitter wasn’t the only victim of this security breach, though, as the exchange’s decentralized exchange (DEX) LADEX also got hacked. Using the LADEX account, the hacker posted a video wherein the Latoken CEO was yelling curses at someone during an online meeting.

Latoken’s TrustPilot page was also mentioned by the hacker, as it showcased only two out of five stars. However, TrustPilot does have a disclaimer on the site saying that it detected several fake reviews regarding the platform. Latoken published an official update on Telegram in response to the event, stating that it believes a “disgruntled employee” was the one who hacked their accounts.

It appears that hacks are a trend these days, as several other crypto-related YouTube accounts have recently been a victim of security breaches. In this case, the hackers would post a video with details on how to send money to the hacker’s wallets. However, they would use famous or renowned personalities like Box Mining, Ivan on Tech, BitBoy Crypto, and even Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fortunately, the account owners noticed those uploads right away and deleted the videos immediately.

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