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After only 24 hours since Twitter launched the NFT hexagonal profile picture for iOS users, a GitHub contributor who goes by the username “mcclure” has already coded and released a browser extension that can immediately block Twitter accounts who are using the new feature.

The browser extension, aptly named NFTBlocker, blocks iOS Twitter users who pay a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue and use an NFT as their default photo.

Chrome and Firefox users can install the current version of the program, and although it’s still running an early prototype version, users can expect more from it in later versions. For instance, the extension will supposedly “scan your notifications and do the blocking automatically.”

It appears that user mcclure has something against NFTs, calling them an “investment scam” in the extension’s README file.


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mohamed_hassan (CC0), Pixabay

To make things even more convenient for users, the developer recommends using the third-party app called Better TweetDek.

However, it seems that mcclure misunderstood something regarding Twitter’s decision to incorporate NFTs. In the extension’s README, the web developer mentions that since Jack Dorsey supports and invests in crypto, this means he can ultimately earn money if NFTs become even more popular, thanks to Twitter.

While it’s true that the former Twitter CEO is a significant crypto investor, he hasn’t shown any interest in NFTs at all since he stepped down last year. Instead, Dorsey is working hard to further Bitcoin adoption, mining, and development as the CEO of Block.

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