Ubisoft Montreal Releases Statement After Hostage Taking Incident

Ubisoft Montreal has released an official statement after the recent traumatic hostage-taking incident. Luckily, the problem was dealt with without anyone harmed, and the studio is acknowledging Service de police de la Ville de Montreal for managing the situation, as well as fans for their continued support.

A few hours ago, it was reported all over the news that Ubisoft Montreal was undergoing a hostage-taking situation. At first, the threat seemed true and employees were seen hiding under their desks to seek refuge. With Ubisoft Montreal’s latest statement, fans can now rest easy knowing that everyone in the studio is safe.

The press release stated the words “courage and composure” that the employees displayed during such a horrifying situation. Ubisoft stated that the well-being and health of the whole studio are what is most essential.

The statement then shifts its focus to SPVM, which Ubisoft believes to have managed the incident hastily and professionally. The release concludes by thanking fans for the support and kind words.

Ubisoft said that they are “extremely relieved after today’s episode, which sadly may have been the most recent example of swatting – the awful act of reporting fake threats to the police, resulting in armed SWAT members needing to get concerned.

According to SPVM, the police in Montreal, the building was quickly evacuated and no threats were found. A more thorough investigation is now taking place, to substantiate that the threat was indeed fake, and to perhaps follow up on who and why the authorities were sent to the area.

The concept of swatting is one that has become more prevalent recently, especially with streamers, where it is possible to see the authorities charging in a house live during a stream. Bugha, a Fortnite World Cup champion, was a victim of swatting last year.


It has not been verified if Ubisoft indeed was a victim of swatting in yesterday’s incident, but the hope is that the authorities will be able to get to the bottom of this mishap and bring the culprit to justice. Whether this was a real threat or not, whoever is responsible should be held liable.

Violent video games such as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion can be controversial for different reasons, but it is always essential to solve and clarify the difference between real-life and virtual entertainment. While tons of enemies can be taken down in a single mission of a game with no impact, in reality, one single life here on our planet is absolutely valuable. It is a blessing that there was no one hurt during today’s blunder in Ubisoft Montreal.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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